Chapter Twenty-Three: You pack quite a punch, my dear.

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Chapter Twenty-Three: You pack quite a punch, my dear.

Sunday night.

LYDIA didn't go into the apartment much to everyone's surprise. Instead, she stood in front of Marlon and punched him, hard in the nose.

"I'm not in his way Marlon. You are," she spat, glaring at the brown haired boy who was holding his nose.

Lydia could feel everyone's eyes on her but she couldn't care at the moment. She was fuming that this guy had the nerve to say that to her and thought he'd get away with it. She was done being the weak quiet girl. Kayla was right. She needed to break out of her comfort zone and right now Lydia was far from that zone.

"Come on," George whispered soothingly to her, taking her good hand in his and leading her into the apartment. Closing the door behind them, George shook his head but Lydia could still see the grin on his face.

"You broke his nose but you definitely broke your thumb as well," he chuckled, lifting her onto the kitchen counter.

Lydia couldn't feel any pain though due to the adrenaline rushing through her body. She didn't want to feel the pain but it was worth it. Totally worth it.

"What did he say, Lydia?" He asked, cleaning her busted knuckles with alcohol.

Placing her index finger under his chin, Lydia tilted his head up till she was looking into his green eyes. "He said I'm in your way and he called me a virgin. He deserved it," she said before pecking his cheek.

Lydia could see that George was furious that Marlon had said that to her and she didn't want him to be. This was all in the past now, Marlon got what he deserved.

George sighed, trying to calm himself down. He could feel Lydia's fingers tracing fingers onto the back of his hand but he wouldn't calm down. Not until she knew that what Marlon said wasn't true.

Staring into her blue eyes, George felt his heartbeat fluttering with the amount of love he had for this girl.

"You're not in my way, Lydia. You're the goal that I'm working towards."


Sometimes I forget that I created these two when I was 14 and now they are growing with me.


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