My Wounds Are Sewn, Becuase Of Who You are.

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I bit my lip and looked down. Fuck. Andy wasn't supposed to see my scars. He probably thinks I'm some sort of freak now. What do I do? Should I saw something? I was snapped out of my train of thought by Andy cupping my face in his hands. He looked deep into my eyes, with a worried expression.

"C-Carolyn..Why?" I turned my head away, biting my lip harder and harder, trying to hold back the tears. "Look, A-Andy, I don't w-wanna talk a-about it, can w-we please just g-go to your h-house?" A tear fell down my cheek, Andy looked upset as he wiped it away with his thumb. "Okay, but we need to talk about this at some point..I wanna help."

I silently nodded my head then we started walking to his house. Every once in a while I would glance at him, he was just so beautiful, and I'm walking right beside him, THE Andrew Dennis Biersack..My saviour. He turned his head round occasionally, catching me staring at him. A light blush came onto my cheeks.

He smiled widely at me, It was so beautiful. "What was that for?" I raised my eyebrow as his smile faded. "N-nothing, I uh..erm.. nothing." He seemed to turn a little nervous so I stopped walking and turned him round to face me. "Are you okay Andy? You're acting a little strange." He sighed and looked straight into my eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just..I uhh.." He trailed off, looking around. "What is it?" I bit my lip nervously, thinking he had changed his mind about going to his house or something.

"Carolyn, you're beautiful. I hate seeing a beautiful girl upset. I just keep thinking about those cuts, I'm worried about you. I wanna know what upset you so much that you thought you had to resort to self harm.." I looked down, sighing. "A-Andy, they're old now, I've stopped. My wounds are sown, because of who you are.." I giggled a little, looking up at him.

He gave a half smile, holding my hand. "C'mon, lets go home. I wanna ask you something." I raised my eyebrow at him as we walked into his house. "Woah..your house is amazing." I looked around, smiling a little. "Yeah I know you are." His eyes widened and he covered his mouth. "W-what? I'm a-amazing?" I blushed deeply, stepping closer to him.

"Yes Carolyn.. You're amazing and beautiful and I know I haven't known you long at all but you're special to me, I want you to move in with my but not just as friends, I wanna be more, Friends won't be enough. Carolyn..will you be my girlfriend?"




Sorry for the short chapters guys, I swear there will be longer ones D:




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