Chapter 6

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 Classes where over .. finally! And I ran over to Alex as he was rushing out of the classroom , 

"Hey , wait!"   .. He just went to his locker.. and I folowed , silently. Hw took some stuff outta the locker , I did the same and as i finished I turned to see he had left.. shit! but i have to talk to him !!!!  Oh.. there he is!

" Hey, didn´t you hear me when i was calling you?" I asked ,  e nodded .. 

" yeah .. but I had to .. ahm , I forgot my phone in the locker and ... uh , I neded it .." he said getting out of the school , with me still folowing ..

"Oh , so .. wanna come to my place .. or go to yours? "

"No ,thanks" he said looking around impacient waiting for someone to show up ..

" uhm .. why not?.. I mean , I could show you the town and.. -"   a loud klaxon interrupted me..

 He ran fast into that car .. saying " sorry , got to go! see you tomorrow!" .. and getting in .. I waved and forced a smile .. my head dropped as he was out of sight .. and it started raining..

I started walking home, slowly .. in the rain ..  I sighed .. and couldn´t think of anything else than what happened in the bathroom ... 




When I got home.. I slowly opened the door , got in .. and went up my room ... I slammed the door , droping the bookbag on the floor .. 

I let myself fall onto the bed , as my face met the pillow i screamed my frustration out !  

Shiiiiit !!! I  don´t have his number , adress .. yahoo .. or ANYTHING!!!!  I´m soaking wet .. and my maskara is on my favourite pillow !!!!!! can it be worse?

Answer : yes ! cause mom knocked on the door .. I stoped my looong scream ..

" Honey , are you okay? .. I´ll come in "  she said before coming into my room .. Did I say Come in , so she can enter ? .. yeah , i forgot that doesn´t apply to mom!  

" Oh my Goood! .. didn´t you have an umbrella? .. why didn´t you call me ? .. honey , I heard your scream .. is everything okay "

I moaned .. (meaning : YES! .. obviously NO! but yes! now leave ! ) .. "but i screamed into the pillow !" i groaned ..

" I know .. judging by the amount of mascara on your face ... you just cried " she said hugging me ..

I noded as she rubbed my back .. thanks mom! .. BUT youre NO HELP! .. I sighed , " If you need anything .. just call me , I´ll go and .. dry the floor? " she tried to seem funny after that nice and loving "if you need anything" ..  

nope mom! .. you´re not funny! ..

she gave me a kiss on the forehead seeing that my groans meant nothing but .. leave! .. she stood up and left .. I waited to hear her footseps reaching the end of the staircase ..

then I trew a pillow into the door and screamed again ..

" Stupid .. stuff!!! ooooaaah!!!!! ..  " I roled over on the back taking a pillow and slaming it into my face ..

" Like him ... *smash * ... stupid *smash* .. has to be a way *smash* .. but *smash* no .. number *smash* adress *smash * ... !!!" I groaned again then left the pillow on my face clinging onto it and sinking my nails into the soft pillowcase ... then I let go .. letting it fall on the side .. I whiped my eyes .. seeing my fingers go black from all the mascara .. I sihed and rolled until i reached the end of the bed .. then falling onto the floor .. I groaned agian as I hit the floor , then stood up sighing loudly ..

I rubbed my eyes , then went into my bathroom .. I looked into the mirror .. " what´re you glaring at? huh? .. stupid me! " I said hitting it .. and sticking my tounge out at my , likke a witch looking reflection .. i sighed .. wasched my face .. slowly got out of my clothes .. had a shower .. and didn´t even bother Re-making my makeup again ... i wraped  a towel around me .. " stupid .. big boobs!" I mumbeled .. annoyed by their weight ... I put my hair into a bun , put the drenched clotes into my "dirty laundry - basket" .. 

My little brother came into my room , *phew* right after i slipped into my pijamas .. 

" Jessy! .. " he said embracing my legs .. 

" hey , Sunny Boy " I said picking up Tyler , my little 5-year-old brother.. 

" why is Big sis so sad?"  he frowned ..

" Me? I´m not sad ! " I giggled razing a brow and trying to seem happy , I made a funny face as Tyler laughed ,  then I fell onto the bed letting him stay on my belly .. I smiled down at him and he smiled back.

" Okay! .. then I´ll go to mom , do you come to eat with us ?" I noded standing up and putting him on the grownd , he smiled again  " I call you when food is ready!" he simled closing the door..

He was such a smart kid , always cheering you up .. but i didn´t really feel better.. after he left I started thinking aigain .. I still had a smile on my face , but that faded fast.. when I thought about Alex again .. 

I can´t belive It ! .. Fell in love with him .. on the first day we met!? Jessica  Emily  Sampson (J.E.S- :D) .. what are you thinking!?? I yelled .. laughing in my mind about what i just thought ..

I sighed again , getting the pillow from where it fell as I threw it at the door .. I changed my sheets .. cause they needed it! .. 

Then I stood at the window .. in my Beanbag .. staring at the sky .. as the clouds slowly vanished letting a bit of sun show up after the rain .. 

" Jessy! "  Tyler came in and smiled " Let´s eat !" he said pointing at the door ..I smiled nodding.

 I took him in my arms and carried him downstairs   and then let him sit on his chair . 

Mom looked at me with a strange look .. skanning me from head to feet ... 

" Jessi , so today we eat in pijamas?"  I noded smiling and giggling at her confusion .. I sighed 

" My clothes where weat .. and I just couldn´t find anyting more... comfy .. so I took my pijamas"

she smiled and shook her head .. then placed some plates in front of us and we started eating ..

"yummy! Mom .. you really make the best soup!" I smiled taking another bowl of soup , the 3rd..

she razed a brow at me .. " What? .. suddently my soup is good? .. wasn´t it " the same lame noodle soup" just three days ago?"  I noded and started eating ..  " okay .. well buon appetito !"

"bon .. what?" 

" .. enjoy your food .. in Italian ! "  I noded .. when  I finished the soup I placed the bowl into the sink , giving her a kiss on the cheek .. she made a confused face ..

"wait .. but I also made-"

"no , It´s okay! I´m full , I´ll go upstairs and watch Tv ! thanks for the food!" I interrupted running out of the kitchen .. she sighed .

I closed the door .. *phew* .. finally,  I don´t have to hide my real mood anymore! ... urgh .. I hate to lie to my innocent mom ..   but I had to! .. anyways , i took a blanket and wraped it around myself as I took a pillow ,, hugging it , I turned on the Tv and sat on the beanbag ..

I had to watch some Horror movie to get my mind aways from *sobb* Aleehheeheeeexxx! ... okay .. enough mind crying! thoughten up , woman! .. let´s see .. something gross ... "The human centipede!"  perfect! 


Some movietime later ..



Yup! It is to gross ! I had to stop at half of the movie .. eww! I´ll never want to see that again ..  okay .. I just watch some girly Tv-show ! .. 

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