The Forgotten Prince- Prologue

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This chapter is dediicated to Sophieingman for the awesome cover she made! xD I can't help but stare at it O_O... lolz

Prologue ~*( Hunter's P.O.V )*~

I was playing hide and seek with Susie that day. The day i met that special girl. 

"Come and catch me!" I ran deep into the garden til i hid through the bushes. 

"Hunter!...Where are you!...Hunterr!..stop messing around or i'll get in big trouble!" Susie shouted. I didn't come out. Once she far at the other side of the garden. I continued on walking forward. 

"Strange...never been to this side of the garden before..." Then, up ahead was a small little hill with a large tree at the top. A strange small figure was sitting under the tree.

I slowly walked towards the figure and i jumped back in surprise. 

It was a girl! She was around my age, with long blonde hair that was held back in a pony tail, while she was wearing a yellow summer dress. I found her sound asleep under the shade of the tree. 

Wow..shes really pretty! I thought. I slowly sat beside, trying hard not to wake her up. Then, i stared at her chest. 

"hmm..that's weird...i thought girls were suppose to have big boobs.." I said to myself. Then, i heard her make a grunt sound as she slowly started to open up her eyelids. 

"Hey..what are you doing here!" She shouted at me. 

"I was only walking around! I'm sorry!" She looked at me closely, wondering if she should believe me or not. 

"'re lucky you're cute!" And that was the start of our friendship. 

"T-thanks! M-my names Hunter" I started to fell my heart beating hard through my chest. What was this girl making me feel? From that day forward, we continued to have secret play dates on that hill.

She never really told me her name, we had too much fun to even had a thought about asking. Everyday, she was the only think on my mind. Til one day, she disappeared. I waited and waited.

She never showed up. 

I waited 13 long years for her...and now...shes finally back. Except there's one little problem.

She doesn't remember me..


Sorry if it's short but eh i tried :3 



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