Inside A Dogs Nose

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This is just going to be a fun, random story!

       I was  lying in bed when I heard  "CHUCK! WAKE UP!"  I was startled so a sat up really fast forgetting I was on a bunk bed and banged my head on the ceiling, it really hurt. I got off my bed, went down stairs and got some cereal and sat down to eat, all off a sudden my mom popped out and said "Your going on a vacation!"  "Where" I said  "Where ever you want just tell this man were you  want to go and he will take you." I looked and  there was this guy standing in my kitchen, I think my mom was trying to get rid of me, oh well I've always wanted to go places my mom has never taken me! So I went up to the guy and said "I want to go inside a dogs nose!"  The man said "OK, go start packing." I was shocked maybe he was kidding, oh well, and I went and started packing anyways. I wonder where he would actually take me?

First he drove me to his house, we went inside and he showed me this thing called a shrinkinator. He said "If you want to go up a dogs nose you've got to be a lot smaller than you are." So we stood in front of the shrinkinator and the guy clicked a botton,  "ZAP" we shrunk! The guy took my hand and we went over to his dog. The dog started to sniff us, all of a sudden he sniffed us right up. And we  were inside the dogs nose!

          End of Chapter 1.

OK, I am just Dog_Lover19's sister, so that was just something fun to write and I am going to carry on but I wont post until I get at least 1 vote, unless it's someone I know.

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