I started walking across the parking lot over to the pier but i was stopped but Rydel who jummped infront of me.

"What the hell happened!?!?" she questioned clearly breathless from running.

"simple.. me and ross are over" i said vlearly strainning my voice holding back tears

"But why???"

"he kept the truth from me, he a actor??? I never even would've known..." i said staring at the ground.

"Did you know all of us are in a band.... besides ryland?" Rydel said realizing she should have kept her mouth shut.....

"NO!? whats the name??" i aked "how could i have not seen that!?" i mumbled to myself.

"r5" she started "and the reson Ross probally didn't tell you is because he didn't want to be treated any different or loved for being famous, which means your love you had was pure.. because you didn't know anything about this crazy life we all have. We start touring in 5 months i don't know what will happen between you two then but i just want to say never loose hope. Ross really likes you he won't shut up about you i never seen him this crazy about a girl... EVER. And he cares about what you think everything you say? yep he hangs on to your every word. If he said he loved you... he means it. If he could go pull out a ring, trust me... he would." Rydel finally finished. "but hey, it's up to you.. but heres your chance.... take it." she said walking away. I turnned around to find Ross standing there with one little rose.

"Please, Addie i love you.. and i truly mean it please give me another chance no secrets." he stood there and heandded me the rose.

"i know, rydel made me realize something... if i didn't give you another chance i would be a complete idoit....I love you too" I said as he hugged me and picked me up off the ground.

"Well then let's start over... Addie Juliet Harmon would you like to go to burger hut on our 1st date?' he said in a funny voice which mad eme die of laughter.

"why yes, yes i would" i said in my british accent as we walked into the Burger Hut.

This day was..... crazy but i'm just along for the ride...

*sorry all the recent chapters are soooo short i just make a lot of them so it works lol but i will try to make it longer when i have time :)*

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