Chapter Two: Likeness-

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A/N: picture of the new guy, Finn (Sebastian Stan), on the sidee ---> 

    I rolled over stiffly, the tight sleeping bag restricting my movements. Tyler was still asleep across from me. His mouth wide open, drooling all over his pillow. The jacket I'd laid over him, was now crumpled up by his side, one arm stretched across it.

    Tony was missing from his sleeping bag. He never slept for too long, though. Always wanted to be up and about. He had more energy than he could handle. Alex was fast asleep on the sofa, arms crossed over his chest in an effort to keep warm. He'd clearly been too tired to wrestle with his sleeping bag.

    The sun was bright, lighting up the room in a warm, orange glow. The heat on my face almost lulled me back to sleep, but I pushed myself upright and pressed my back against the cold wall.

    I wondered where Tony had disappeared off to, and when. It had to be mid-afternoon at least, by now. Knowing him, he was probably in a café somewhere, wolfing down as much food his stomach could handle.

    My own stomach rumbled at the thought, prompting me to get up. I headed straight for the shower, desperate to wash away every remnant of last night from my body.

    Once I was out the shower, the search for relatively clean clothes began. I really needed to take a trip down to the launderette some time soon. I managed to find a clean-enough hoodie that belonged to Ash, and some of my old jeans that were slightly dirty but would do for now.

    I hadn't seen Ash for ages now, but most of his stuff was still here. I heard from Tyler that he wasn't planning on coming back. It was going to be a little weird not having him around, even though I wasn't close friends with him. He always kept Tyler in check, but I guess that job was left up to me now.

    “Ty,” I kicked him in the side with my foot. “I'm going for some food, you coming?” I said once he'd stirred in his sleep. His eyes had flickered open for the shortest time. 

    “Mm,” he groaned, shifting until his face was fully pressed into the pillow.

    “Tyler,” I kicked him again. 

    “What?” He shouted, but it was muffled by the pillow.

    “Get up.” I may have phrased it as a question, but he didn't really have a choice, he was definitely coming with me.

    “Oh fo' fucks sake, can ye not go down t' th' fucken store on yer own?” He exclaimed, tossing his pillow aside and standing up in a huff. He wavered on his feet for a few moments, not fully awake just yet. “God damn it.”

    He stumbled around the room, exchanging his shirt for a sweater and his jeans for some fresher-looking ones. He hopped around noisily, trying to tie his shoelaces and then disappeared into the bathroom for a good twenty minutes.

    I loved watching him get ready. Sometimes he'd leave the door open and I'd watch as he brushed his teeth and washed his face. The concentration in his eyes when he was shaving, was simply beautiful.

    “You ready?” I asked him. He scowled at me.

    “Let's jus' fucken go,” he stomped out the flat, kicking the floor with his heels as he walked, trying to make a point that he wasn't at all happy that I'd woken him up. I was surprised he wasn't more hungover. But then, he never really got hungover any more.

    We wandered through the central part of town, to our usual café. The streets were pretty quiet, with it being a Sunday evening. The sun was already beginning to set, so we'd been asleep for practically the whole day. That wasn't much of a shocker.

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