The frozen yogurt encounter

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The Frozen yoghurt encounter


I love frozen yoghurt. I do not mean just love, but I mean really, really love it. If I could, I would eat it every day, for every single meal. I know I could never do that because that would not work out very well, but you get my drift.

Today I decided to get some frozen yoghurt with my best friend since it is Friday afternoon and it is fairly close to my house as well as my school. My best friend is this gorgeous, all American girl named Stella and I love her to death. She has always been there for me since I have been in this country named America.

As we were walking towards the frozen yoghurt place I was laughing so hard with Stella about something stupid that I was not paying attention to where I was walking. Now you probably expect me to say I walked into a tree and I only wish that were the case, but I did not. No I had to walk into the most gorgeous guy that every walked planet earth. This moment changed my life and I am not sure whether it was for the better or the worse, I like to think it was for the better, but some might say for the worse.

But as I walked into the guy it was not just a bump, no I fell completely on top of me, and not exactly the most appropriate way either. I was so shocked and embarrassed I could not even look him in the eye and I forgot to stand up. When someone walking by us said, "geez youth this day" I finally regained my mind and I tried standing up, but as my luck would be, I tripped over my shoes and fell on top of me again.

The gorgeous guy said, "well you certainly like to lie on top of me, not that I mind, but maybe for the sake of the little kids staring at us." I was so embarrassed at that point and Stella was laughing so hard at me, I really wish that the ground could swallow me up alive but life is not that nice and of course the guy wanted to know who this girl was that fell on top of him, not only once but twice.

Luckily the second time I tried standing up I did not fall on him again. The guy was even hotter when I got to see him while standing up. He too was laughing so hard I am surprised he did not get a heart attack and when I told him so, he just laughed harder.

"What is your name?" the cute guy asked me. At this point I was surprised that he hadn't left yet and since I at least owned him the honor of knowing my name I told him I was Sophia. He told me his name was Frederick but that he is known as Fred among his friends. He had some kind of accent and when I asked him about it, he told me he was Australian but that he had just moved here with his parents.

I have always wanted to learn how to surf and since he was Australian he might know how to surf. I know this was stereotypical of me and all but come on, almost everyone has seen at least one show with a hot Australian surfer guy on it. Fred did in fact know how to surf.

He also told me that since I fell on top of him I had to repay him. I got kind of worried at this point because I do not have a job and my parents are not as loaded as some of the girls in my school. I have to admit his form of repayment was interesting. Since I fell on top of me and I needed to repay him in some way, he decided that I was going to have to show him Miami and help him with something. What that something was I did not know just yet. He would in return teach me how to surf. Now when he said that, I knew I would accept even though I did not know what the something else was just yet.

Stella and I invited him to come along with us to get frozen yoghurt since me falling on top of him made me even hungrier. He told us he had never had frozen yoghurt and when I heard that I basically yelled at him that he had not lived. He gave me a strange look at that but with a smile as well, Stella was just laughing because she knew how crazy I was in reality.


I cannot believe that I have been in Miami for less than a day and I have already met one of the prettiest girls in my life, and trust me I have met some pretty girls in Australia, seeing as how my father owns one of the biggest companies in Australia and I lived on the beach. But the thing is, she is not just pretty, she is also funny and crazy and not to mention extremely clumsy.

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