No More Lonely Nights - Chapter Fourteen

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4 September 1962.

EMI Studios, London, England.

PAUL: I can’t believe it, but today is the day that we’ve been dreaming of as a band for years now. We’re recording a record today. Yes, a record, one that will be sold in music stores all around England. People all around the country- maybe even all around Europe- will be listening to the Beatles now, in their own homes. I’m on top of the world with happiness. We’re finally breaking down the barrier that is the Cavern Club and moving up in the world. Today, EMI Studios… tomorrow, who knows!

Allie and Megan came down here with us to go shopping in all the elite little shops  over on Piccadilly (the big Best wedding is in just two weeks) while we record. I noticed that Pete decline to accompany Megan like he generally does. I can understand why he probably wouldn’t, seeing as the band he was once included in is recording a record today. But oh well… I can’t feel guilty about that any longer. We’re moving up in the music world now, and it feels absolutely amazing.

“So what did we decide on?” George asked me. “John said to ask you.”

“Remember that song I wrote in 1958, when we all played truant and hid at my house during school and wrote songs? Love Me Do? That one. And Please Please Me.”

George nodded. “Sounds good to me. John and Ringo are just getting last-minute instructions from Epstein. We’re supposed to go to Studio 3 and set everything up.”

I’d never been in a recording studio before, so I naturally had no idea what to even do in one. This whole environment was incredibly foreign to me, and I felt rather out-of-place, honestly. I made my way to the studio set aside for us and found John and Ringo inside the room setting up their instruments. “Hey, Paul, what do you think of this place?” John asked me. “I for one am very impressed.”

I shrugged. “I feel a bit awkward, really. This is a huge step for us, John. Really, it is.”

“Well we know that,” John replied. “Recording a single is a huge deal. I’m just surprised that out of all the Liverpool bands that we’d get picked. Maybe going with Epstein was a good idea after all, seeing as he has connections here in London. We might actually make something out of ourselves, finally.”

“Next step, album!” Ringo exclaimed, tossing his drumsticks in the air. “Then after that…. Well, the sky’s the limit!”

“Indeed it is!” I heard George say. “We might become known all over Europe!”

“All over Europe, nothing! Hell, we might be known all over the world!” John threw in. “Can you imagine, the Beatles being known worldwide? That would be a dream come true!”

“Like that’s gonna happen,” Ringo said.

“Oh, you, ever the pessimist!” John shot back. “Look on the bright side, will you?”

“I do, then reality hits me in the face and I come back to earth,” Ringo said. “I’m not a pessimist, I’m practical. It comes with being the oldest member of the group.”

I picked up my bass and got to work tuning it, barely listening to George and John and Ringo go back and forth about fame and fortune and all that nonsense. I wasn’t planning on getting my hopes up regarding this. Sure, George Martin, record producer extraordinaire, was interested in us and wanted us to record a single for release in music shops and radio play. I wasn’t so sure we’d make it much further, though. I tried to keep from letting myself getting too hopeful, though it was apparent my bandmates didn’t share that same idea. I didn’t like getting ahead of myself- that was much too overwhelming and saddening if whatever I was aiming for fell through. I would just wait and see what happened with this single. Love Me Do/Please Please Me. They went well together, they did. Now to see if the public outside of the Cavern Club would feel the same way. I could only hope that would be the case.

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