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Hey guys I have no information on it as of yet, just wanted to post the first chapter to see if anyone was interested.

Its set in the future, where the main char has mystical powers. She is imprisioned and experimented on until she escapes. She runs into a kind and very handsome boy who seems to want to help her, but she doesn't put her loyalties on the table easily.


I remember when I found an old diary once. About a year ago, when I was allowed a day out with one of my Keepers. I soon escaped his sight and went to discover some old ruins, I remember one of my Teachers telling me that all the ruins on this side of the forest were from 2000-2080. I used to love discovering ruins, when I could escape my Keeper that is, which was often, as they were no match for my supernatural skills. I simply froze them until I could run far enough away, then explored the old knocked down houses till my Keeper found me. Almost like a game. The diary was very, very old, it had a black velvet cover, silver foil writing on the front;

It was dated 2011--2012.

It was quite humorous;

The diary was filled, page to page, cover to cover, with secrets--as you would expect-- but also mythology and ledgend.

That caught my attention much more than any of the other diaries I've found. For The Company hadn't ever taught me of myths and ledgends, they said it was a waste of time, no matter how enjoyable I said I thought it all was. I was needed for bigger things.

It had information, pages and pages of myth's; dragons, gryphins, sentars, even some greek gods, there was also a spiritual guardian representative, the one that represented April, the Taurus.

This person also filled the last half of the book with the myth of Armaggedon, which was supposed to be the end of the world.


was what I found humorous.

If the world ended in 2012 as some believed it would, oh, how glorious that would have been.

The world wouldn't be in the dark, depressing hole it was in now.

You see, with all these new vaccinations--miracle creams, miracle injections, miracle operations, miracle this, miracle that-- you would think everyone was living the life of luxery.


Yes. The scientists had come up with a way to cure all illneses, great. Yes, scientists had been able to lengthen peoples lives. Yes scientists have been able to restore the ability for the disablled to walk again.

But it was still mayhem.

Scientists had also released a few new drugs to enhance peoples stamina. But soon enough, there were drugs for... well just about anything;

Wrinkles disapeard over night, eyes change colour, some could make people more "beautiful", some could even freeze their age, but that was illegal.

Not that it stopped anyone.

It was found out by David Grey. A once regular civillian. He combined all of the above drugs and more, taking 1 of each, everyday. And soon discovered that after a few years of taking them, he hadn't seemed to age.

The goverment found out about this, locked him away to prevent anyone from finding out. But obviously someone had found out, and a few years later, with many deaths, imprissionments, court meetings, canpains, it was legalised.

Only the older generation could have it though, the 40+ age range.

There were more problems;

Energy had become... sparse.

As warned, fossil fuels had nearly ran out, but our generation didn't expect it to be so soon, not when they were alive.

They thought they'd leave the mess for the next generation to pick up.


And with hardly any energy, people had a poor lifestyle.

The ill were saved, no one was dieing or in pain, but they were miserable, bored, left to go insane.

The goverment went crazy and limitted everyone to £1 worth of electricity a day.

The younger generation were forced to thrust their attention elsewhere, and withought their XBox, Playstations, Laptops, T.V's etc etc, they were thrown to the streets.

Money was one of the biggest problems, although the goverment tried to convince everyone that "it wouldn't be a problem anymore" because everyone got the same about.: £1 electricity, food was given free. The Givers would come around to the civilians houses twice a day with food. Yet people still needed something to pass time. People struggled for power, for a place in this new, pointless world.

So, inevitibly some turned to crime. Breaking into the Givers banks and snatching food, some even broke into others houses to use up their electricity once theirs had ran out.

Some were lucky, the richer of the people had solar pannels, they often had more electricity than the other people, roughly £3 a day.

They had to be relocated due to others breaking in and mobbing their houses, campaning on how everyone should be treated the same.

But when mother nature was messed with, she would strike back with her almighty, deadly beauty. Side affects soon followed the drugs, specifically the ones where age was "frozen". They became super-human, some had powers only believed to inhabit ledgend.

Thats why I was born the way I am, my selfish mother had been one of those things, super-humans. But she also was a part of the black market, taking new, street made drugs. Anything and everything was thrown into her body, into me. And although there were some strange super-humans walking around nowadays, I was the strangest, the one with the most powers, the deadliest.

Someone had tipped off the Cloaks about me. The Cloaks were like old day police, apart from their uniform was midnight black, and their faces were covered in thin black fabric, capes trailing behind them. Babies were limitted, one per couple, or the consequence would be death. The parents would be killed, or one parent, in order to keep the current population steady, as not to overcrowd the world, seeming as people were living a hundred or so years more than necessary.

The authorities came to check me out, noticed nothing strange at first, although they knew I was super-human-- thought I was super-human, yet I was a new race entirely.

They left me be, warning my mother not to have anymore children. But as I grew, the neighbours noticed I wasn't just a regular super-human (Contradiction?)

I used to "bend my surroundings" I remember my mother saying, petrified, relief on her face as they took me away. She said I used to make water snakes when I was in the bath or near the sea, a river, any water source. I used to swirl my hands around, ribbons of water following my movements.

I remember one day, in The Companies trainign room, there was a fire burning logs up by the Teacher. The Teacher and a Keeper were laughing and chatting away, as I was instructed by another Teacher to "show me what I got"

So I showed her.

I stared at the fire for a few moments, ignoring the Teacher shouting that I wasn't to just stand there. Then I raised my arms, surprised and terrifed yells echoed around the large stone hall as a large dragon made from fire slithered from the fire. I remember seeing one in a book I used to be read by one of my neighbours before I was taken.

Well, enough about my past, I need to focus of my present, and my future. I was on the run from the Company, and had accidentally managed to drag an innocent civillain down with me.

Right now, I was in Chase's house.

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