I woke me Alli  up to tell me her it was time to go to Warped. It was 4am and our first stop was in Los Angeles, a 5 hour drive. She moaned and turned back over half asleep barely hearing what I said. I reached down and slid my arms underneath her and scooped her up. I carried her downstairs and out to the bus where the rest of the guys were.

"Sleepy I take it?" Ronnie said smiling.

"Yeah just a bit. Im surprised i didnt fall down the stairs. I know exactly how she feels right now." I said yawning. I laid her down on the couch and i took Ryan in with me to grab the rest of our stuff. Ryan grabbed the dogs.

"Dude I thought we were dropping them off at my friends house?" i said.

"Nawhh Ronnie said to get them. We'll be gone for three months so why not take them?" Ryan said.

We hopped back on the bus with the rest of the stuff after I locked up. We headed to our first stop on the tour. I picked Alli up and laid her back down on top of me, I was not staying up any longer. After watching a bit of BBC i passed out.

I woke up with Alli in between me and the back of the couch with her arms wrapped around me from behind and her face buried in my back. It was cute, from what i saw. I slowly up hooked her arms from in front of me and got up. Thank god shes a heavy sleeper. Id feel bad if I woke her up. But when i actually do have to wake her up, its a long almost impossible process.

It was 8:30am. We would be there pretty soon, but I figured Id let her sleep since we'd get there at 9 and gates dont open til 10. I got showered, dressed and did my hair and eyeliner. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist, which made me jump but it was okay.

"Im sorry, I didnt mean to scare you" You could tell she just got up from the tired and exhausted tone in her voice.

"Awh love its okay" I turned around and hugged her. She rested her head on my shoulder. She was almost as tall as me. She's 5' 51/2'' and I'm 5'9''. Three and a half inches. Id prefer that over someone who I have a foot on or someone who has about a foot on me. She walked away and started to get ready. By the time was done with my hair, she was out of the shower and dressed. She was in yellow jean shorts with a bikini top on. She grabbed a shirt out of my bunk on put that on. She threw on my Megadeth shirt and left the bus to head out to the merch tent.

"Alright dudes we gotta go get our equipment ready for our set. We go on in an hour." Ronnie said. We ran out to the trailer and set stuff up. I practiced my guitar until it was almost time to go on. I looked around for Ali but I couldnt find her. I ran up on stage and looked out towards the merch tent and there she was. swamped in by people buying stuff.

We got through the first 2 songs and I was a little disappointed i didnt have her up here with me. I looked out at the merch tent again hoping to see her smiing face, but she was gone. I was pretty sad that she would wal away instead of seeing us but i just have to go on.

I turned around and walked back to my amp which was next to an opening to get behind our huge lip poster cubes and I heard someone yell boo and it scared the crap out of me. I looked up to see Alli's beautiful face 2feet in front of mine.

"Hey babe I thought you left." i said.

"Leave? and not see you guys perform? You're fucking crazy." she said. "I wouldn't miss any FIR performance for the world. Now get out there and play Brit."

I ran out on stage, playing like a maniac. We killed our show and ran off the stage into the trailer and Alli took Charlie out and around for a walk. After putting our stuff away, we came back on the bus.

"That was fucking awesome. I mean we fricken killed that crowd today." Ronnie said.

"Yeah I cant wait til the other venues" Ryan said. I sat there and smiled a little when he said other venues. All I could think about was July 13th. It couldn't come fast enough.

"Dude, are you okay?" Derek came over and waved his hand in front of my face.

"Yeah yeah i was just thinking." i said looking away again.

"About what?" Derek asked.

"About the 13th of next month" i said smiling.

"Awhh dude it sucks you have to wit but its alright no negative thought okay? IIt'll be fine" Ronnie said.

"What will be fine?" Ron asked. He, Ryan, and Derek looked confused. Shit! I didnt tell them!

"Dont you know?" Ronnie stopped and looked around for Alli. He walked in close and almost whispered. "Jacky's gonna ask Alli to marry him." I was trampled with hugs from the three of them.

"Awwh dude shes not gonna say no. Wait can we see it?" Ryan asked.

"What the ring?" I said quietly.

"Yeah" I pulled it out and they were speechless.

"Dude if she says no then Im gonna burst into flames and the world will end. My god its sick. She has to say yes!!" Ryan said. "Congrats bro"

Alli came back and she took Charlie, Marilyn, and Monroe off their leashes.

"They almost dragged me across the ground." she said. Three dogs walked by one person is a bad idea. She laughed as she wiped of some dirt from her legs. "I'm heading back to the tent. Don't forget you guys have your signing at 2. Ill see you guys in and hour." She walked off the bus and went to the tent.

We left to go to the tent and plenty of fans where lined up to meet us. I walked over to the chair closest to where Alli was standing. She was standing next to the leg of the tent resting her arm on it above herself. I walked up to her and placed my hands on her waist, pulling her in close to me. I smiled into a kiss and she giggled.

"Jacky, you have a signing to get to." She said mid-kiss.

"Oh alright." I turned to see some of the fans staring at me with huge grins on their faces, some looking a little heartbroken or pissed off. A girl walked up to me and smiled.

"H-hi Jacky You're my idol and the reason i started playing guitar I cant believe im talking to you right now AHH ohmygod i feel bad cause im fangirling but i have a huge crush on you i just wanted to tell you that and will you sign my CD? thanks by the way your girlfriend is really pretty youre lucky to find someone who loves you like that heeheeheehee OHMYGOD I LOVE YOU JACKY!" She stopped to take a big breath and just smiled, sending a tear down her cheek.

"Well thankyou and sure ill sign your CD. I hope you find a relationship like ours." i said smiling. "and by the way... I love you too" Her eyes grew wide and she screamed.

"She was cute." Alli said. "I mean that was just so sweet how she said all that stuff"

"Yeah. it was" i smiled. There waa another fan that came up to us and stopped.

"Guys, I was waiting to do this for a really, really long time." We all looked at her wondering what she meant. Then it happened. She pulled her shirt open and her knockers were exposed. All of our jaws dropped but Ronnie's.

"Please take my virginity?!" She said with a wide grin on her face. Alli was behind my quietly giggling.

"Let me see your I.D. and well think about it." Ronnie said with the straightest face. She closed her shirt and walked away.

"Dude, what the hell?!" Ryan said.

"HAHAHA i couldn't stop laughing< I would never have the balls to do that. I would never do that actually." Alli said.

"Not even to me?" I said smirking. She winked at me. I just smiled and bit my lip, turning around to talk to the next fan.

Soon enough the signing was over and we were on the bus headed to the next show.

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