Chapter five.

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I’m frozen in shock. What was I supposed to do? What was I supposed to say? He was one of the last people I wanted to see, but also someone who I did because he could give me answers. But no, I can’t do this; it’s too soon to see any of them.

I did what most girls would do. I ran. I ran like there was no tomorrow through the streets of London. It was about a 30-45 minute walk from my flat and now I’m running back. I was beginning to feel light headed because I hadn’t eaten properly all week and now I’m practically running for my life.

I could hear him behind me. His feet hitting the pavement loudly chasing after me. Screaming my name trying to get me to stop. He’s so close, I know it. I feel it. Just as I’m about to turn down a street I feel a firm hand grab my wrist causing me to stumble backwards.

“Lillie, stop. I just wanted to talk to you, not chase you down London.” He pants to me.

I can’t meet his eyes. I shouldn’t have to.

“Lillie? Answer me, please? And please tell me what you did to your hair?” He’s talking so fast I almost miss what he says.

“I don’t want to talk to you Liam, not yet. Please, I-I can’t do this.” I mumble on the verge of a breakdown.

“Well you’re going to, just not on a crowded street corner. Come on.”

He starts pulling me to a little café up ahead but I can’t pull myself away from his grasp. I should. I should pull away and keep running, but I can’t. I can’t find the strength to do it because I know Liam. I know that he’ll chase me again and catch up to me.

As soon as we’re in he sits me down at a booth and he orders us both a coffee.

“Now first off, what did you do to your hair Lillie?” He sighs.

“I got it cut...” I mumble under my breath.


“…I cut it.”

“Lils, speak up. I can barely hear you.”

“I cut it!” I scream back at him. He looks a little taken aback, and I feel bad for yelling at him.


I shrugged staring at my lap as it was the most interesting thing I’d ever seen. All I get back is a groan of frustration.

“You’re going to need to talk to me you know.”

I shrug my shoulders again shaking my head. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. What are you supposed to say to the best friend of someone who caused you unbearable pain?

“Do you want anything to eat?”

I shake my head again, and he groans.

“You have to eat something. You look like you’ve barely eaten or slept for awhile.” He says.

I finally muster up enough courage to look him in the eye. He’s staring at me with a sympathetic face but his eyes are swimming with curiosity from unanswered questions.

“Who’s the new girl he’s hanging around with now?” I whisper. I didn’t think he heard me but apparently he did because he answered.

“Who? Jessica? It’s a girl he ran into the other day, why?”

My eyes water before I whisper back “A week Liam. Not even a week after he left me and he’s moved on.”

After that I get up and leave before he has any time to react. I push open the door and run until I reach my complex. I run to the bathroom before I slide down the wall panting before I breakdown. Letting more of the memories come flooding back to me.

“Niall that’s not fair!” I scream at the boy in question.

He scoffs before screaming back to me “I don’t care Lillie! You’re not going to his house!”

“Why? You don’t trust me?! I know how to take care of myself Niall; I don’t need your input in everything I have to do!”

“Really? Lillie, how am I supposed to trust you at this guy’s house? He’s the biggest player at your school!”

“I’m not stupid! I know he is but I got partnered with him! I can’t just change it willy nilly! I have to do this with him whether you like it or not!”

 “Just listen to me for once! I can’t trust you there no matter what! He’s going to try something!”

I stumble back stunned. He doesn’t trust me?

“Y-you don’t t-trust me?” I ask almost crying. No. I’m not going to let him see me cry.

It was my senior year and I got partnered with the biggest player in my town for an end of year project that counted as most of our grade for the year in physics and Niall was mad that I had to hang out with him for school.

Niall sighs before answering me “I never said I didn’t trust you, it’s just I don’t feel comfortable with you at his house alone Lils.”

“No Niall. You said you didn’t trust me. How can you not trust me?”

“It’s just, ugh! Lillie, stop being a brat and just ask the teacher for a new partner.”

“I trust you to be away on tour with millions of girls flinging themselves at you but you can’t trust me with a project.” I reply walking away and slamming my door.

“Lils, open the door.”

“No. Don’t ‘Lils’ me Niall. Go away.” I yell through the door.

I hear a sigh before heavy stomps going down the stairs.3 hours later a noise woke me up at midnight. I try to go back to sleep but I hear it again only to realize it’s the window. I open the window to see Niall but a bucket of pebbles and his guitar.

“What do you want Niall?”

“I wanted to say I’m sorry…”

He then plays his guitar and sings to me. That was one of our worst fights we had as a couple.

I sniffle before wiping my eyes it’s pointless because once again, the tears won’t stop. Another choked sob makes its way up my throat and I can’t stop it.

After about half an hour I finally go to my flat and cry myself to sleep again.


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