Where was he taking me?

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The day went by slowly, first period was a drag. I thought time had stopped. Second period was a bit better, I think I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh period went by very slowly. I once again thought time had stopped. Then Eighth period came and time literally did stop. I didn't even see anyone move the whole time.

Maybe I'm being dramatic, but at least FINALLY the day has ended.

"Hey mom!" I scream, running through the door up to my room.

I swing my door open to be welcomed by Chelsea, again.

"HEY BABES!!" Chelsea yells, grabbing me and hugging me tightly.

"Can't.. breath." I manage to say.

"Oops sorry!" Chelsea laughs and lets go of me.

"Are you super excited like I am?!" Chelsea asks.

"Oh you don't even know! So why are you here anyways Chels?" I ask Chelsea. She was supposed to come at 7:30, not as soon as I came home.

"I wanted to get ready early!" Chelsea answers, smiling at me.

"We have 4 hours Chels!" I exclaim.

"Yeah, but perfection takes time! So grab what you're gonna wear and I will help you." Chelsea says.

What.. does Chelsea think the outfits I pick out are ugly? That I can't dress myself and look decent? I hope that's not what she means..

"Yeah okay.." I reply.

I grab my shirt, and jeans. 

"This is what I'm going to wear." I hand Chelsea my clothes.

Chelsea's face goes from happy, to disappointed in the matter of seconds. 

"Hunny.. no.." Chelsea comments. Then laughs.

Chelsea throws my clothes onto my bed, and runs to my closet.

"I'll find you something!" She insists. Chelsea puls out my red dress, and white heels.

"Here, you'll wear this." Chelsea says.

Was she serious? It's a concert, not a prom. 

I stare at Chelsea, showing her I did not want to wear the dress or heels.. "I really don't want too Chels, it's just a concert. It's not like I'm going to go on a date with them or anything.." I moan.

"Just try it on Lindsay!" Chelsea commands, pushing the dress and heels into my arms, and pushing me back towards my bathroom.

"Well aren't you moody.." I mumble.

I shut the door to the bathroom and slip off my clothes.

"I really don't want to wear this!" I shout to Chelsea before putting the dress on.

"Wow.. this is... beautiful. I didn't know I looked so, good in this dress." I whisper to myself, making sure Chelsea doesn't hear me. She can't know that I thought I looked great. She'd think I was conceited.. 

"Are you done?!" Chelsea bangs on the bathroom door waiting for me to step out.

"Yeah.." I say, opening the door to the bathroom and taking a step out.

Chelsea's mouth drops open. 

"I can't believe you never told me you looked beautiful in dresses!" Chelsea shrieks, running up to me and hugging me tightly.

She pulls away and looks me in the eyes.

"I guarantee when we meet them, they'll all fall in love with you. Instantly!" Chelsea says smiling and winking at me.

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