~Niall’s POV~

~3 months later~

We started our UAN tour and we are headed to Los Angeles. I still can’t find Mikayla, I’m hoping that I will see her tonight but there is a little chance I will. Ever since I came to the U.S, I’ve been searching for her everywhere all day long. I just can’t get her out of my head.

~Mikayla’s POV~

“Do I have to go with you?” I whined.

“It won’t be bad I promise!”

“How do you know? What if I hate them?”

“What?! Girl, they are sexy, their voices are sexy, there personalities are sexy, and the most important thing is that they are guys!”

“I don’t even know one song of theirs!”

“Yea yea whatever you’re coming!”



Tonight I’m going to that One Direction concert or whatever their name is. I already started college and I share a room with Taylor. She is like fangirling so much because she got front row tickets and VIP passes and stuff. I don’t really want to go because I don’t even know the band. She doesn’t show me anything about them because we are too busy. I don’t have a laptop so I borrow hers for assignments. I’ve been on Youtube like 3 times and it was for schoolwork. So I really don't know them.

~5 hours later~

"This line is so long Taylor how can you wait in a line like this?!"

"Patience girl. Trust me, we are going to have a lot of fun ok?"

"We better. I can't believe you talked me into this."

"Will you quit complaining? The line goes fast we will be in our seats within 20 minutes."

I just rolled my eyes. We are waiting in this long ass line and the air conditioning is on full blast. It's so damn cold in here.I'm wearing a simple light blue top, white shorts and a pair of black Vans. Taylor is wearing a pink v-neck with white shorts and white Vans. I wish I was back at the dorm sleeping instead of being here.

~Niall's POV~

~30 minutes later~

In about 10 minutes the show is about to start. I hope I can find Mikayla in this crowd. I really do. 

"Hey Niall, do you mind doing an interview about bullying it will only take like 5 minutes." One of TMZ's reporters asked.

"Yea sure." I followed her to a small room with a couch and a small table. 

"What do you think about bullying?"

"I think it's terrible, there is no reason to make fun of someone when they did nothing wrong."

"Have you ever been bullied?"

"Yes I have."

"Did it stop at a point?"

"Umm, yea it stopped when I entered the X Factor and I never saw her again."

"Oh so it was a girl?"

"Yea, it's kinda embarrassing to be scared of a girl and get beat up by her but she wasn't alone. She had her own little group of guys and girls."

"Now did you ever have a crush on this girl?"



"It's kinda personal I have to go perform. Nice meeting ya."

I ran out of the room and caught up to the little group hug with the boys.

We all ran out oto stage and I saw her. Our eyes met and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I finally found her. I found Mikayla.

~Mikayla's POV~

Taylor and I finally got to our seats I stood up and crossed my arms. What's so good about this band anyways. The boys came out. One with curly hair, another with a plaid shirt, another one with a quiff, another one with a striped shirt and a blonde boy. He reminds me of someone but I can't remember he looks so familiar I swear. Those blue eyes. Who had those blue eyes. He just kept staring at me and I kept staring back. The rest of the boys said their names until the familiar blonde said his name and I knew who it was instantly. The one bullied. The one that beat up. The one and only Niall Horan.

They finally met!! Now what will happen to Mikayla and Niall? Will she leave or will she stay? Does Taylor see the connection of Mikayla and Niall? 

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