Chapter Six.

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Lilly POV: "Dad I want to stay here with you

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Lilly POV:
"Dad I want to stay here with you."
"You must go Lilly it's not your time...yet."
"But how come it was your time."
Dad brushes my hair out of my face.
"It's been over ten years sweetheart."
"I don't care it still hurts."
"I know, it hurts me not to be part of y'alls life."
"Honey it's time for you go back."
He hugs me tightly and whispers in my ear
"Take care of your mother and sisters please."
"But i-"
"Please just do it."
"Okay I will...I promise ."
He lets me go and I see tears in his eyes.
"Goodbye honey...until we meet again."
I cant talk so I wave.
Then everything goes black.
"D-dad," I say as I open my eyes to find jack sitting beside me.
Jack looks up at me in shock.
"L-Lilly your awake," he quickly gets up and lightly hugs me.
I nod.
"W-water p-please."
"Okay I'll be back with your water."
I see him talk to the nurse, then she comes in.
"Imma do some test on you," she walks over to me and starts drawing blood.
Jack comes in after what seems like an hour.
"Your mother, and Sophie are on their way."
I nod. I look out the window to. It's summer.
The sun is shining brightly. I internally smile.
~An hours later-
I look up and see my mother smiling.
I smile shyly. My sister walks in with a little
Girl in her arms. She hands her over to Jack.
The both slowly walk toward me.
"L-Lilly your a-awake."
Mother hugs me tightly, and then Sophie.
They let go.
"Sorry we took so long, there were reporters outside," my mom says.
"Yeah the nurse leaked the information," Jack adds.
I nod....Daniel. Is he here.
I whisper.
"He left after the moment...he hasn't contacted," Sophie says sadly.
Ouch, he probably doesn't care.

~Daniels POV~
I am awaken from my slumber, by a screaming Miranda. "What the hell do you mean my dress won't be ready in time for the wedding- for my wedding," she runs her fingers through her hair.

I sit up. I sigh quietly. We are getting married in a month. It was my mother's dying wish. She wants to see her son married before she dies in five months. I don't want to get married to Miranda...after all we've only been dating for five months, and I don't love her I am just doing this for my mother.

She hangs up. "Sorry if I woke you." She walks over to me and plants a kiss on my cheek. I nod, and get up. "Aren't you going to ask me why I was yelling." She follows me Into the bathroom. "Nope, I think I heard everything clearly now get out." She groans in frustration she then exits the bathroom.

After my shower I put on my regular black suit (yes he did brush his teeth). I walk out of the bedroom to find my mother and Miranda having breakfast. I quietly take a seat not trying to interrupt. I scroll through my emails on my phone. "So today's your fifth month anniversary?" Mother questions. I put my phone down. "Mmhmm that's correct Michelle, but I doubt your son remembered." Miranda makes a sad face.

This bitch. I flash a fake smile. "How would I forget the most important day?" I smirk. "As a matter of fact I set up a date later today." I say, mother smiles. I finish my breakfast without talking. "You know Daniel hasn't been the same since the passing of Lilly." Mother interrupts the silence. "Really, well it seems like she was loved a lot," Miranda's voice lingering with jealously. Me on the other hand stiffen. "Micheal pass me my purse, please." Micheal nods and passes Mother her purse.

She digs into it. And pulls out a folded paper. She quickly unfolds it. She holds it up and shows it to us. I look at Miranda her eyes full of jealously, but I don't care we now are all staring at the picture even Micheal. A picture of a dead girl. Her skins look absolutely flawless and her eyes....I just am amazed. 👇

"After you left she became like my daughter mostly since she would always be with me

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"After you left she became like my daughter mostly since she would always be with me." Mother adds. "She grew into a beautiful young lady, and a responsible young lady too." Mother notices the jealousy in Miranda's eyes, so she hands me the photo and digs in her purse again. I stare at the picture for a few more seconds until I fold it up and slip it into my pocket.

After a few minutes mother pulls out another photo. It's a photo of Miranda. She is modeling she looks pretty, but way different from what looks like nowadays. Her eyes are blue like now, but her hair is blond..hmm weird. "I did some investigating until I found a picture of you." She smiles politely. Mothers puts the picture away. "Well I must get going have a good date." She gets up and gives us a hug we escort her to the door. We wave as she leaves.

A few minutes after. I hear Miranda walk in with a wedding dress on. "The wedding dress designer brought me a new dress and I needed to try it on." She looks at her self in the mirror. (The dress)👇

"What do you think?" She puts her hands on her waist

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"What do you think?" She puts her hands on her waist. "I am not going to be wearing it so why should I care or really give a fuck?" I get up and am about to leave. "Oh, but if I were Lilly you would care, and you would actually give your opinion." She turns around tears in her eyes. "Everything is true about what you just said, but the one thing that is not true is that you are not Lilly and you'll never been Lilly." My knuckles are turning white from the pressure of holding them in a fist. "B-But She is dead why can't you just get over her, forget her, and love me, am I really that hard to love?" Tears are streaming down her face. "You DONT fucking understand she is unforgettable she basically died in my arms-and you know why she is dead?" At this point I am screaming at her. She shakes her head. "Because I abandoned her- I left when she needed me the most, so no Miranda I will not forget her because she will always be in my heart!" I leave her crying in the living room as I slam the door on my way out of the house. I pull out the drive way. My hands tightening in the steering wheel. Wow what an amazing anniversary.

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