"STARK" i scream and run at the small, 6 month old, husky puppy who is cowering in a corner of the room. He immediatly looks at me and his blue eyes fill with happiness as he comes running over to me and jumps up into my arms. He licks my face and it almost looks as if he is smiling at me and i stroke his black and white coat affectionatly.

"Oh i missed you baby" I coo and rub my face into his fur loving the warmth. I am a full on dog person. Most of the time... no wait scratch that. ALL of the time a prefer them to people. The way they love you unconditionally no matter what you do wrong, or how they just are happy all the time and their lives are so simple.

"Take the dog out." I whirl around and face Matt in confusion, 

"What do you mean?"

He lets out a laugh and rolls his eyes and then explains it to me like im 2 "Go and take the dog out for a walk because you will be staying in the house for at least a day and you didn't take him yesterday... god you really are a worthless, stupid slut- it's really simple to understand. Now go before i change my mind" and i dont have to me told twice as I grab Stark's lead and run towards the door. "Oh and Anna... don't be too long. We have a long day ahead of us... maybe your longest yet." I shiver and slam the door shut. Please no.

I run and i don't stop until im sure that he isn't following me.

I hold on to the lead as tight as i can and keep running through the woods praying i've been fast enough.

I let Stark off the lead and he goes off running, but i know he won't be far away.

I find a log that looks steady and i sit on it letting the tears run down my face. I hold my head in my hands and sob letting the sound echo off of the trees.

"Why is this happening to me? What have i done to deserve this?" i cry and curl up tigher, and i feel resting his head on my knees wimpering.

Slowly my sobs start to die down and i wipe my eyes and start to stand up when a growl stops me.

I look down at Stark and see that he is snarling at the trees in front of us.

"Stark- stop that!" i say thinking he's just being stupid.

He growls again and i go to tell him off but something stops me. Two yellow eyes are watching me from the trees. I stop breathing as they stay locked on me and i slowly start walking backwards being careful not to fall over.

Slowly the figure moves out of the trees and i hold in any noise as i realise that its a wolf. It slowly starts walking towards me, it's red tinted fur sticking out against the green of the trees.

The wolf is bigger than normal wolves but not by much- yet it still seems terrifying.

The wolf looks at me and i look at it staring straight into it's eyes

There's a few moments of silence until something cracks behind the wolf and it turns around and starts snarling at whatever it is.

Then i see my chance to escape and i run back the way i had coming deciding that it was better to be hurt, than be dead.

...eventhough there was a chance that I could be killed tonight...

I manage to make it back to the house and run up to my bedroom trying to calm my breathing. Ok i can do this. I just survived coming face to face with a wolf i can face Matt.... the wolf had beautiful eyes come to think of it... familiar eyes... but beautiful eyes.

I kiss Stark on the head and use his little towel to get rid of the mud and dampness on his paws. "There you go Starky. Now you be a good boy and go to sleep ok?" I tell him and he licks my face in response. I giggle and then walk to one of the doors in my room which leads to another small room which belongs to Stark. I put him down in his bed and kiss him and then cover him with a blanket.

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