It'll be alright (Chapter three)

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Faith's P.O.V

Ugh, I feel so stupid.. falling asleep on Niall? He probably thinks I'm some weird freak girl, oh well.. I'm dreading college today, facing Niall in form again, facing Jay again Music, in fact having to face the whole of the Music class will be pretty bad..

I get up, pulling off my oversized pyjamas, then rumbling through my draws trying to find something decent to wear, I sigh, nothing! I manage to find a black vest top and some dark denim skinny jeans, I pull on my same white daps again, and I grab my brand new red Hollister jacket I bought with the money I earnt last week.

I escape out the door, my black rucksack on my shoulders, I comb my hair quickly as I speed walk to college. I can't be asked with make up, to be honest I can't be asked with anything but if I want any sort of future I need to start pulling myself together and actually working at college.

I swing through Form K doors, Niall isn't in yet, phew!

I walk past everyone sitting down and chatting, with my hood up and my earphones in, I have no iPod, or phone.. I just wearing earphones anyway incase someone tries to talk to me, I have an excuse "not to hear them" pretty sad I know, but it definately works!

I lay my head on the desk resting on my arms, for some reason I feel so so tired, I close my eyes, just for a few seconds.

"Faith!?" Someone whispers to me, Niall.

I jump up suddenly, making him jump. He smiles at me, I look away from his eye contact.

"Umm, Niall.. I'm sorry about yesterday.." I sigh

"What about it?"

"Well you know, being stupid and everything then falling asleep on you.." He laughs, I frown.

"Faith, don't be silly, you weren't being stupid it was obvious you just had a bad first day! You'll soon fit in, and about the sleeping no worries, I didn't mind!" He says chuckling, nudging me with his elbow. I flinch stupidly again.

"Shit! Sorry, I keep forgetting.." He says sighing.

"Don't worry about it.." I say smiling looking at his pink lips. I'm just shocked at how well I'm actually speaking to Niall.

"So.. what happened yesterday afternoon? When you ran off, why?" He asks.

"Just a shocking bad dream.." I sigh rubbing my eyes.


A boy with black hair and tanned skin walks over to our table, dragging a chair behind him then flipping the chair around so he sits with his legs around the back of the chair.

"Hey." He says smoothly, three other boys walk over all smiling.

"Hi.." I whisper.

"I'm Zayn.." He says reaching out a hand, strangely I don't jump but I also to raise my hand shaking his.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Faith." I said smiling, glaring at his teal blue shirt.

"I'm Liam!" Said the boy with floppy hair.

"I'm Harry.." Another one said ruffling his curls.

"And I'm Louisssssss!" The other one said, a massive grin across his face. I nod at them all.

"Niall's told me a lot about you all.." I say quietly, shocked at myself for making conversation. Niall raises his eyebrows.

"You were actually listening to me?" He asks quite shocked. I nod.

"Yes every word.. I'm a good listener.." I whisper, eyeing up his white blonde hair, he's adorable.

"Good, because I told you a lot.." He laughs softly.

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