Chapter 1

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Hello Lovely's. I just wanted to put out there that this story, all of the ideas, dialogue, and charactors are mine. i made this for simply fun, this is my attempt to a One Direction fanfaction. i hope you all like it. :)

Chapter 1:

  "Get up, sleepyhead!" my step mother, Cassie ripped my covers off of me, forcing my eyes to open. I tried to roll over on my side, but she grabbed my ankles. I groaned and looked over at my alarm clock.

   "7 am? We're in the middle of summer! Let me sleep." i closed my eyes again, but her strangely perky voice made them open again.

   "Marissa, It's your birthday! You have to get up!"

   "What? No, it isn't. My birthday's in December. It's the middle of June."

   "It's your half birthday!"

   "We've never celebrated this before?" I was fully awake now, and 100% annoyed.

    "Well, we are now! Get Dressed and come downstairs, we'll all be waiting! We have a surprise!"

    I imagined walking downstairs to find the boys from my favorite band, One Direction, waiting to propose to me.

    "Surprise? Sounds.. Riveting." She began to walk out of my room. "Cassie, wait. You're telling me that Maddie is already awake and downstairs?"

    "Yeah, surprising right? Get ready!"

    As much as i didn't feel like getting out of my warm bed, i wanted to know what everyone was so jazzed up about.

    I threw on a pair of white shorts and a pale blue tank top, and pulled my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my IPhone off the dresser as i walked out of my room. My best friend, Danielle had texted me at 4 in the morning.

From: Danielle

 Wake up please, i miss you.

   I laughed to myself about how late she stays up, entered the kitchen, and sat down at the table.

   "Morning, Darling." my dad said.

 Cassie set down a bowl of cereal in front of me.

   "Eat up, you get your surprise after."

   "This is one classy breakfast."

   She ignored me. "So, how does it feel to be almost 17?"

   I picked up my spoon and swallowed down my fruit flavored cereal.

   "It feels like being 16. Where's Maddie?" i asked, chewing up my food.

   "It's not lady-like to talk with food in your mouth, and she's watching tv."

    I chased the last few cereal pieces around the bowl.

    "I'm full, can i have my surprise now?"

    Maddie, my 13 year old sister, came running into the kitchen, and Cassie handed me an envelope.

   "A card?" i laughed. "You guys are really good at making me get up early for no reason."

   "Just open it, Smartass." My dad joked.

    I ripped open the envelope, and pulled out a pastel colored card.

    "For our lovely daughter, we wish you the best day" The front cover read.

   I opened up the card, and two little tickets fell out. My face turned pale and my eyes widened.   I picked them up, reading the information.

    One Direction. Floor seats. Row 12.

    I gasped.


   I wrapped my arms around Cassie and my dad, then Maddie.

    "We love you too, one ticket's for you, the other is for Danielle. They're for next week's concert."

    I realized how weird i probably looked as i danced around the kitchen.

    "I've got to go over to Danielle's! Thank you guys so, so much!"

   I grabbed the tickets and ran out of the room, dialing Dani's number as fast as my thumbs could. I grabbed my keys from bowl by the door, and ran out to my beat up car, not even bothering to grab shoes.

    She picked up on the fourth ring.

   "Why would you call me at this early hour?" she grumbled into the phone.

   "I'm coming over. You're going to die when i tell you this."

   I hung up, pressing the gas. I turned out of my neighborhood, and down L street until i saw the Berry Northwest sign. I parked in front of her house, and ran to the door.

    I took the stairs up to her room, where i found her sitting up in her bed, still tired.

    "Why am i going to die?" she asked.

   I threw a ticket at her, grinning.

   She threw her hands up in the air, screaming in excitement.



    We hugged slightly and fangirled until we couldn't move anymore.

    I could just feel it, in my heart. I knew this thursay would be the best day i've ever known.

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