Lillys POV

Louis had just told me he had to go back on tour. I knew this day would come I just didnt know when. Of course I didnt want him to leave. But when he asked me out I had to be okay with it. I knew he didnt want to leave me. I could see it in his eyes.

"Lil?" I heard someone say snapping me out of my thoughts. "Y-youre leaving?" I stuttered. "Um yes. But we can still have fun until then! We've got two days! And they will be amazing!" He cheered. I couldnt help but laugh. He was so cute. I was going to miss him. A lot. "Okay! So what shall we do noww?" I asked, smiling. These two days were going to be fun.

"Umm. ROLLER COASTERS!" He yelled. "Six flags?" I asked with a grin. "Yeah yeah whatever!" He said back. I giggled. "Hey guys!" I heard a deep husky voice from across the room. Harry. "Hey Hazza!" Me and Lou said at the same time. "What are you guys up to?" He asked. "We're going to SIX FLAGS!" I cheered. "Want to come?" Louis asked him.

"Err sure!" Hazza said unsure of what to do. "Should we call the lads and ask if they and the girls want to come?" Louis asked. "YEAH!" I shouted. Today would be fun! "Ill call the boys you call the girls?" "Okay!" I replied. I decided to call Britt.

*Ring Ring Ring*

"Hey Lil!"


"Whats up?"

"Me, Lou, and Hazza are going to Six Flags. Want to come? The boys are coming too. And so is Ella."

"Umm sure! Im here with Liam right now ill ask him."

"Youre with Liam?" I asked

"Yep! He called and wanted to hang out!"

"Oh okay!"

"We're on our way back to the hotel. See you in a bit!"

"Okay! Bye Britt!"

*End Call*

"Britt and Liam are on their way back right now." I told the boys. "Zayn and Ella are too" Louis told us. "What about Niall? Where is he?" I asked. "NIALL!" Hazza screamed. No answer. "NIALL?!" No answer. "Ill be right back." I said getting up and walking to the kitchen.

"Seriously?" I said walking into the kitchen and seeing Niall stuffing his face with food. He just waved. "We are going to Six Flags. Want to come?" I asked. "Sure!" He cheered. Food flying out of his mouth when he opened it. "Thats disturbing.." I pretended to throw up. He only laughed.

"Hes in the kitchen." I told the boys sitting back down.

"Wow." Harry said. I laughed.

--45 minutes later--

We were finally at the park. The boys had to wear disguises so we wouldnt have to deal with fans. "THAT ONE!" I screamed pointing to the biggest roller coaster there. "No." Harry sais bluntly. I raised my eyebrows in confusion looking at Lou. "Hes afraid of rollercoasters." He replied. "Ohhhh" that makes sense.

3 hours later we had went on every ride there was. Even Harry went on some of the big ones.

It was getting pretty late so the boys dropped us off at our house. "I had fun!" I exclaimed as we pulled up to the house. "Me too! See you girls tomorrow?" Zayn said giving Ella a kiss. "Okay! Bye!" Britt said after Liam gave her a kiss too. "See ya later!" I cheered and Lou gave me a kiss. "Bye babe!" He replied as I closed the door.

When we got in the house I asked the girls if they knew the boys were going on tour. "Yeah." They replied sadly. "We can visit them though!" I cheered trying to lift their spirits. "Yeah I guess we could." Britt said.

Ive never seen her so sad. We have only known the boys for like a week and we already loved them. They would be hard to let go for a month. But im going to try to be strong. For the girls. I knew how much it was killing them inside. Because I felt the same.

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