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" Danielle I dare you to make Shawn fall for you ." she smirked .

" Ok well I dare you to make my brother Harry fall for you ." I said back smiling . Like she could ever .

Me and Dory had been at each others necks since 4th grade .

" will you two hurry up I have an appointment ." my impatient best friend Nexy said . Texting away on her phone . We egnored her .

" Ok first one to win has to ....hmmm..." she thought tapin her fake nails on her chin .

" No actually how about loser has to confess their love to Shawn for Danielle and Harry for Dory? To make it even more juicy actually ." She placed her phone into her purse . " first one to

Get kissed has to make the first move and kiss their boy . First to be hmm asked on a date asks for the date . And first to be asked or just happen in the moment to have sex , has to beg for sex . Then first to be asked out the other confesses their love ." she smirked .

" perfect ." Me and Dory both agreed .

" I dont understand why you two just arent friemd your so

Alike ! " Exclaimed Nexy . " Come on Danielle , see yah later Dory . " She said walking away heels clacking each step .

" ok deal ?" I stuck my hand out .

" Deal." she shook ." Now get out of here before people start thinking I like your or something ." I rolled my eyes and walked outside . I just made a deal

With the devil!



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