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"I can do it" " I can do it" I was reassuring my self. 

I didn't even move from the Counter. I wanted to stay here. I mean my Mother and my sister are enough to give Them company. What is Wroooonng Kylie? Something is seriously messed with me.

They are just boys. The are not going to bite u Kylie! Plus any girl would be Lucky to have One Direction in her house. Any girl The problem is that i was just not Any girl. 

I am not another Typical girl Running after a Stupid, Famous, International, errr.. umm..

Back to the world kyle, BOY BAND.

I could already hear  Voices in my living room. Mainly chitter chatter and well Loads of laugh. I was safe here. But for how long?

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! 

Of course i am just paranoid. I mean...



"Come and meet the Boys"

My mother was shouting my name From the living room.

Something Happened in my Stomach when she said The boys.

I shrieked. Yes i still wasn't Moving.

Soon after my mother Came to me Grabbing me From my shoulder.

"What happened Kylie?" She was Mad.

"Why cant u be like a Girl. They are just boys. You are acting Silly and Childish" She continued.

"Come after a minute so nothing would look suspicious"

She went inside. I had to do what she says. Or she would just come back outside again dragging me This time for sure. I didn't want that.

 I dusted My top. Adjusted my Clothes and hair Quickly. Took a Deep breath and went inside the room.

There they were.... 

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