Chapter 5: A Battle of Escapes

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''Get the Raven! Untie her classmates! Attend to anyone that's hurt.'' Liam shouted over the roar of the explosion.

''You heard him! Let's move!'' Lucinda ordered.

Soldiers branched out in all different directions. I didn't know what to make of it all. They didn't look like any type of police force. My day had barely started and two pairs of insane people captured me and my classmates at my own school. Now another group of people wanted to take us too. I was lost and I was afraid. A brown headed girl that I have never seen before with ideal skin runs towards me.

''Elizabeth!'' The girls yells.

I stare at her with no recognition. She unties me. I see that Tara is untied too. A red headed girl with green eyes and a scar on her forearm is leading Tara in the direction where the right wall used to be. Their rounding everyone up in weird automobile trucks. The brown headed girl pulls me by the arm towards the trucks.

''Hold on! Who are you people? Where are you taking us? How do you know my name?'' A million questions were fluttering in my head. I don't feel like being taken by crazy people twice on the same day.

''My name is Lucinda. The big buff boy over there calling all the orders is my brother Liam. We are the good guys. We are here to save you.'' Lucinda said.

''By the way thanks for having that little scream fest. You wouldn't believe how many tunnels are in this place. We wouldn't have found you and made it in time for dinner without your signal. You could say you were like our siren.''Lucinda explained.

So these strangers were helping us. Lucinda didn't seem like the type of girl that I would hang out at school or even like someone I would trust but somehow I did. I knew she wasn't lying when she said she came to save me. That's when I remembered.

''Jane'' I muttered.

''My friend Jane. I need to find her. We can't leave this place without her.'' I tell Lucinda.

''Look kid we really need to get this show on the road.'' Lucinda said.

''Well, I'm not abandoning my friend here.'' I answered back.

I break free of Lucinda's grip and run in the direction of the room I remember Morgan tell Victor about. I run as fast as I can but then I bump into someone, Victor. He grabs my arm. I scream. I feel his nails sink into my soft flesh. 

''Your not going anywhere.'' Victor threatened.

''Let me go!'' I shout.

I've always said I would never do this unless it was absolutely necessary but I bite him as hard as I can. His grip loosens and I continue to run and yell Jane's name.

I trip and fall.

''Seriously.'' I swear.

Victors getting closer when I see a blast of fire shoot straight through his arm. You can see the damage has taken so much flesh it goes down straight to the bone. Actually I don't even think there's any bone left.

He yells in agony with bloodshot eyes.

I try and look to where that red blast came from. Lucinda. 

I inspect Lucinda to see what type of weapon she used to cause such physical harm but she doesn't have one but her hand begins to glow a red faint color. She aims her hand at Victor and shoots with intense force but misses.

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