Erin's POV

After Tom's unfortunate dunk in the lake and his attempt to get me into the water, we turned the boats around and made our way back to the docks.

Tom was dripping wet, his shirt clinging to his chiselled body making everyone stop and stare. Every time I finally recovered from laughing to hard, I see Tom in his wet clothes and I start all over again.

"That was the worst entry I have ever seen you do!" I giggled as I got off the boat and stepped onto the dock.

"Hey! I didn't get enough height for a rip entry!" Tom smirked

"You've got seaweed in your hair" I said before reaching out to pick off the weed from his hair.

"That was definitely fun." he stated as he brought his arms around me before I ducked and avoided him.

"You're dripping wet, Tom!" I said in jest. He smirked menacingly and I took off before he could do something else like throw me into the water.

"Do have a number for a taxi, by any chance?" Tom asked the boatman charmingly. When we got to the little wooden shed, the man looked at us with wide eyes before nodding his head and reached out for the phone.

"Where would you like to go?" the boat man asked

"Lakeside BnB please" Tom smiled and the boatman repeated in down the phone.

Tom stripped off his wet shirt and wronged it out before shrugging into his jacket and sipped it up. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"The taxi should be here in 15 minutes" the man informed us.

"Thank you. We're in no hurry anyway." Tom nodded his head in appreciation.

True to his word, the taxi arrived 15 minutes later and by that time Tom was happy that his chinos were not dripping wet. He stood outside under the midday sun in an attempt to dry his chinos.

The taxi ride lasted about 20mins and when we arrived at the BnB the first thing Tom did was hop into the shower.

"I smell like salt water and..." he trailed off as we stepped into our room.

"And..." I echoed

"Ducks." Tom stated before laughing out loud. I shook my head at him as he turned the water on.

I sprawled our on the bed and listen to the water running. I heard Tom sigh in relief as he stepped into the shower followed by him singing "Sexy and I Know It"

I laughed. Tom never failed to cheer me up. That's one of the things I love about Tom, he knows exactly how to make me smile like an idiot. I don't even think he does it on propose.

"Maybe he's different from the others." I muttered to myself.

Tom is definitely different. He's charming and caring but he acted so much like Leon in early days that I became slightly wary of Tom.

In my mind I convinced myself that boys all acted that way before they truly show their colours. But not Tom, he remained the way he was when I first met him. Leon treated me like a princess but Tom treated me like a queen. He doesn't force me to do anything I don't want to.

But saying that, I felt guilty for not telling him everything. He deserved to know everything about my past and yet I couldn't bring myself to say it.

I'm sorry, Tom.

"I feel a lot better." Tom said as he got out of the bathroom. He took one look at me and picked up the mellow mood I was in as I pondered about my past.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing..." I shook my head as I touched the necklace that he gave me. It was such a lovely necklace that I haven't taken it off since he gave me it.

Tom, who saw past my lie, took one last wary look at me before letting it go and not pressing the matter.

After Tom had his shower and changed into fresh clothes, he grabbed his keys from the little bowl near the front door and drove us around for the afternoon.

We stopped in a little village by the seafront called Maryport and walked around for a while. We checked out the small Roman fort before taking a stroll down the beach.

Tom who soon got slightly bored and restless, decided to make our way back to the BnB and check out the little Italian restaurant just down the road to where we were staying.

It was quiet in the restaurant and we sat in a corner out of everyone's view. Tom ordered a bottle of red wine and I seemed to drink more than half of it.

"I think you're deliberately getting me drunk Mr Daley" I laughed as he poured me another glass.

"Is it obvious Miss MacDonald?" He flashed a cheeky smile over his wine glass and took a sip.

"I can never tell with you." I laughed as the waiter brought the main course.


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