We look hot..... Wait no, cross that out.... We look drop dead sexy.

By the time we're ready to leave, i hardly recognize us. My long, blond hair is curled into loose ringlet, and is a bit poofed up and sexy. My makeup, dark and alluring. And my clothes? I feel naked. It's a pair of really short-shorts, where you can see the pockets from underneath, and a purple halter-top. And my shoes about make me almost six foot! they're a pair of black wedges.

"Oh GOD ALLYSON! You look like a sexy beast!"

I just glare at her, she knows i don't like compliments. "You look like a sexy beast yourself there, Lilly."

Lilly has on a coral, knitted shirt with loose stitching, so the holes are about an inch wide, that comes right above her belly button. Her legs look lean, long, and sexy in her black skinny jeans, with some coral wedges. Her auburn hair is straightened to a point. She has on more natural colors for makeup.

"Ok, I think we're ready." I say.

"Yeah, and just in case..." She trails off while stuffing some small square pakages in her purse.

"OHMIGOD, ARE THOSE CONDOMS????????" I shriek.

She looks at me innocently. "I just want to be pretected." She asks, almost pleading for my approval. UGH, she's the ONE person, in this entire world, who can just give me the puppy-dog eyes, and get whatever she wanted out of me.


--------------------------------------------30 minutes later-----------------------------------------------

"This looks like the party." I say glumly.

"People are parked a fricken mile away! It's so packed."

My phone buzzes-----New Message from: Marissa:

Hey girly! Glad you could make it tonight, I'm assuming you'll be here any minute now, so i saved you a parking spot right in the driveway! xoxo, Marissa

--------End of Message---------

"Well isn't THAT convenient."

"What??" Lilly asks.

"Marissa saved us a parking spot right in the driveway."

Lilly squeals with delight.

We pull into the drive-way. I look to Lilly and see that she's nervous.

"You ready, sooner or later, you'll have to get out of the car." Lilly tells me.

"OK" Is all i respond.

Our hands reach for the handles, and I say, "Lets start this adventure."

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