Five minutes to midnight. We were still not asleep. My insomniac behaviour was acceptable and expected. I slept for four hours straight in the car and now I felt like an owl. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean that I felt like a furry bird. Actually you know what I meant, my god I must be going insane, who thinks about owls?

Kevin laid still and silent and his eyes held a wistful look. He was in some other world.

"Hey." I spoke softly hoping he won't snap at me.

He finally broke the ice and looked at me surprised.

"Please catch some sleep, you've been driving for so long and you must be tired." I said with honest concern.

"On the road?" He questioned.

I hadn't realised how cold I was up until now. I got up and offered my hand to him. He didn't need it apprantely and got up on his own. I shivered a bit. We both ran into the car which was undoubtedly better than the coldness of the road. My heart aches for the stray animals who don't get comfortable beds like ours and have to sleep anywhere in any condition. Whenever I feel bad about my life or how it could not be any worse,I think of all the other people who probably want to be in my place.

Kevin and I both were sitting on the backseat of the car but kept our distance.

I pulled out my earphones and plugged them in. Adam young's voice filled my ears. It always managed to tranquilize me. I looked at Kevin who was in a deep sleep now, I moved a little closer to him. Close enough to feel safe and comfortable. I was soon in the arms of Morpheus too.

It was no more pitch black inside my eye-lids. It was reddish. The lights must be bright outside. I squinted my eyes. The pillow was comfortable until I realised it wasn't a pillow. Kevin's head was in my lap and mine was on his back. Sounds utterly crazy if you've not tried to sleep that way in a car.I got up from his back and looked outside the window. Daylight made the surroundings seem beautiful. The trees no more resembled witches. The sun was rising, The air was no more cold and a smile found it's way to my lips.

I wanted to watch the sunrise,Kevin had to be moved from my lap but how without waking him up? I touched his hair in order to slightly shift from under him and place his head on the seat. He had soft hair. I feel like a creepy stalker. I lightly touched his cheek and started shifting. I could not do my task as gently as it should be done and he woke up. Why did I always end up in awkward situations? He stretched and I quickly moved towards my side, the side where I was supposed to be sleeping. His eyes locked with mine for a second but then he looked down, turned around and opened the door without saying anything. I got out from my side of the door too.

My god! The scene was beautiful. There it was, the sun. I could totally see the bright ball of fire which appeared reddish now unlike in the daytime when one doesn't even dare to look at the white sun above the head. I've studied that it was because of the scattering of light but I was more interested in the sight before me than the science behind it.

I smiled wide showing my pearly whites and then looked at Kevin. He studied me for a bit and looked quite amused as well as confused.

"Morning person huh?" He asked.

"Yeah! you can say that." I replied.

"Your hair looks funny." He smiled.

"I already knew that. We're not in a movie where the actress always wakes up drop dead gorgeous. You don't look your best either." I smirked. Actually he looked good. He had messy hair and the same face. Oh! How I wish I looked that perfect too.

Suddenly my stomach grumbled. I didn't keep it happy. Yesterday night I slept with my jaded appetite and now I could eat a horse. I mentally pictured my thoughts. I was going crazy. I need a doctor.

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