Chapter 15

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You know, it's been two weeks since I've really talked to Ace. At all. It's almost May, and the huge Spring Ball Dance at school is just in a few hours. David isn't talking to me for some reason, but I'm taking the advantage to talk with him at the dance tonight. But back to the problem I had with Ace. I couldn't get my mind off of wanting to go with him. For once, I wanted us to be civil enough to go together. I honestly wanted to stay at home and just watch TV in silence since I was always alone there, but Fallon really wants me to be there. 

Yeah, invite your new best friend to the dance just to mock her of being lonely while you have some gorgeous boyfriend to go with that loves you so much it makes everyone else jealous. 

Anyway, Ace isn't going. 

Drew told both Fallon and I at lunch. Ace wasn't even at school today. Whatever. 

Now here we are, Fallon and I, at the mall shopping for the dance. Lizzie left me money because apparently she got a message on her cell phone from the school about the dance and she was so excited about it for me. Who wouldn't take free money? 

"This dress is just too much," Fallon said to me while examining a dress with stripes and polka dots, "Who would wear a dress like that anywhere, in public?"

I shrugged, huffing. "I don't know. People who like stripes and polka dots?" 

She glanced at me, "Are you being a smart ass?"

"What?" I glared at her.

"You're glad I took my medicine today Ellie, I swear." She rolled her eyes and then she just gazed at me for a few seconds. "What's your deal? You've been giving me attitude the passing days. You can tell me anything, you know."

"Nothing." I lied.

"Is it Ace?" She raised an eyebrow.

"What?" I repeated, my heart stammering, "No."

"Yes it is." She accused.

"No, it's not!"

"Yes, it is!" 

I stomped my foot in anger. "And so what if it is about him? It's not like he cares anyway. He has Rosaline and all the other whores he sleep with day and night. He'll never change. Ever. He's so stupid." I growled, crossing my arms.

"Are you sure he's the one being stupid?" Fallon suddenly asked me, going to another cream colored dress that oozed with silk. 

"What?" I asked again. I felt like I've been saying 'what' for years. 

"Ellie," Fallon sighed, "You're being so naive."

"I'm being naive?" I spat out at her in disbelief. "You've said so yourself that he's a player and everything! How am the stupid one? Who's side are you on?"

"Yours!" She hissed. 

I pressed my lips in a tight line, staring at her, daring for her to go on. Because seriously, I wanted some answers and explanations as to why she feels that I'm being the stupid one. I mean, how can I be the oblivious one? It's him! It's Ace! It's always been him! Now I feel like Fallon is taking his side. Fallon took my arm and pulled me to a more deserted area in the store. 

"Look," She began to say, "Ace likes you. He really likes you—"

I jumped, "But he—"

"Listen to me!" She screamed. "I get what he did was stupid. It was immature because really, him having sex with Rose was just to get back at her for what she did to him years ago. I heard she's upset and crying because she's confused. He got what he wanted although it was unnecessary. But now, he wants you. And that's all that I know."

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