Serious Love..A Mindless Behavior Love Story....

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This Teen Girl Name Kiara IS 15  And Goes To A Wonderful High School Name Jones Spring High, But One Day This Boy Name Jacob Perez Moves To The High And Her And Jacob Become Best WonderFul Friends But Jacob Wants To Have SERIOUS LOVE like Date But Breanas Parents Dosent Want Her Seening Him Cause They Think Jacob,Is A Bad Person So One Day Jacob Leaves To Be In A Boy Band Called ''Mindless Behavior'' And Breanna Forgets All About Jacob And Finds New Friends Name  Briana Morris,Lisha henry,Dasia (DONT KNO LAST NAME) They Get A Group Called ''The Sassyers'' And Breanna N Jacob Meet Again And They Love EVEN comes More Serious !

By...Breanna Lacey


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