“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me” I muttered, sipping on my coffee.

My aunt Sheba grinned “Yeah, I’ll just tell you over Christmas dinner one year, why don’t I?”

“My dad is a werewolf, and my aunt is one too” I shook my head at her “and you decided to keep that from me?”

Aunt Sheba sighed, brushing my dark hair out of my eyes “You would never believe us”. I nodded knowingly, and laughed. When she walked through the door, I felt immense relief to see someone familiar. But mostly I felt betrayal; she had come to dad’s memorial, knowing full well he was still alive.

“It’s not my job to tell you this, it’s his” she jerked her thumb towards Seb, who was casually leaning against the doorframe.

“So you really gave Seb this house?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at her quizzingly. I would never think my aunt ever knowing someone like Seb.

“I was his mentor for a while, he was a nice kid, he was distraught, he’d just lost his Luna Moon, which I can’t believe by the way is my Desiree”.

“Yes aunt Sheba you mentioned that!” I blushed, and then glanced round quietly to the man who had accompanied my aunt here.  He had a tall build, a swimmers build. But when I thought about it, so did werewolves.

“This time I won’t lose here” Seb said quietly from his position by the door. I gave him a small smile, before turning back to my aunt.

“He kidnapped me!” I exclaimed to aunt Sheba, and she laughed.

“I’ve always heard legends of that, Luna Moon being kidnapped” she said cocking her head thoughtfully.

“I was seriously considering bolting for the door, or at least trying to knock him unconscious” I mused as we both laughed.

“Thought you’d be homesick by now” she commented.

“Have you seen Mum?” I asked softly, all laughter deflating from within, I sighed as I saw the look on aunt Sheba’s face.

“You know your mum, she won’t stop crying, she’s making big posters with your face on them, I’m beginning to worry for little Rory, she’s really not handling it well”. I glanced up at Seb my face pleading.

“We need to tell her, let her know I’m okay”


“Please we can make up a story, say I ran away with some secret boyfriend”

“She’ll take that well” Aunt Sheba said sarcastically. I gave her a patronising glare, and then looked back to Seb.

“We can’t, this is what they wanted, they wanted you and your family to suffer”. Aunt Sheba’s eyes turned dark at the mention of “them”.

“The Trimurti” She ground her teeth together “Those retched snakes killed my babies”. Aunt Sheba was much too strong to cry, but the tears of fury still glistened in her eyes, she blinked them back.

“You had kids?” I whispered, a lump rising in my throat.

“Your cousins” she nodded, then gave a weak smile “Twins, Bronwyn and Casper”.

“Why?” I saw Seb’s jaw clench out of the corner of my eye.

“It was my fault I…” Aunt Sheba cut him off.

“They came looking for Seb, mocked him because he failed, again. Then they decided to cause him more pain, they killed them, there and then” she laughed bitterly “They were four year olds Desiree! Four year olds!”

“They thought the twins were related to me or something, and I couldn’t do anything to stop them” his voice cracked, and his Adam’s apple bobbed, he looked like he was in pain. I walked over to him and held his hand.

“Why you?” I asked

“I told you, I was bad” he answered simply.

“Yes but what did you do?” I pleaded.

“They were angry at you, being the Luna Moon is special, you are meant to be stronger than any werewolf in the world. Faster, smarter, better in every way only you were allowed to choose whether you wanted to come back another life. You had control. I loved you too much to let them do that, so I lost it and killed one of them” he shrugged, and I felt touched, I leaned over and placed my lips to his, putting meaning to our kiss.

“Thank you” I whispered. We stood there gazing at each other, until aunt Sheba cleared her throat.

“This is sweet and all” she laughed “but I just came to make sure you were okay Desiree, I promise I’ll reassure your mum that you’re fine. I’ll be back on the 30th” she said standing.  I gulped, my birthday was on the 2ndAugust, it was the 16th. The 30th was when the Trimurti would realise I didn’t die, and come, personally making sure I did.

“Thank you Aunt Sheba” I hugged her, and nodded my head towards the man in the corner, Grant. Before they turned back to me, Grant turned around.

“Your strength comes from the meaning behind your appellation” he said then he nodded and walked out without explaining what it meant.  

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