Teddy's grief (Two Shot)

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"Teddy! Teddy!" Harry called helplessly to the young six year old running away from him in tears.  "Teddy, come here. Please."

"NO!" He screamed back.

"Teddy Remus Lupin, come here right now." Teddy would not stop running. Harry started moving faster to catch the child. It wasn't hard to catch a six year old, but Harry wasn't really trying. He knew exactly how it felt to loose a loved one. Especially when it was the last person who was real family to you.

Harry stopped chasing him. He just needs to cool off.

Harry started to walk back to his wife with a solemn expression. 

"He'll come around honey. Just give him some time." She told him.

"Yeah I know. I just wish I could do something more for him. You know, make him feel closer to his parents or something."

"Well I can think of an old piece of parchment that you've kept for years. I think there was some writing on there that said Moony?"

Ginny Potter stared into her husbands eyes and watched as realization dawned on them.

"I'll go find him then we can go home" She said.

"Are you sure? I can go get him." Harry said looking at his wife's pregnant belly.

"Darling, a small walk won't hurt me. Anyways, think it would be best if I got him. I don't think he really wants to see you right now." With that being said she walked off.

Harry slowly wandered back into the crowd of the funeral.

"How is he?" Hermione asked walking up to him.

"I don't know. Ginny went to find him."

"Don't worry mate. He'll come around" Ron said.

"I hope he does. Ginny has an idea to cheer him up."

"Its gonna work. He will be fine." Hermione said giving him a hug, then walking away to talk to Molly.

"Well we have to go mate. Our 3 year anniversary is in a couple of days and I've got lots of planning to do." Ron said winking.

"Wow! Thanks for sharing that!" Harry said laughing.

"Hey, don't act all innocent when its only been 2 years and look at what you've done to my baby sister!"

"Alright you win this one Weasley."

"Of course I did Potter!"

Harry watched his best friend walk away as he leaned against the wall. He couldn't help but remember how he felt when he found out he was the godfather of Teddy. He had been excited, but he was also worried. It had been in the middle of the war and he didn't even know if he would survive. If anything he thought he would've died and Remus and Tonks would live. He never dreamed that they wouldn't make it. 

He was scared to be the godfather of this child. He didn't think he could do it. Andromeda had taken some stress off of his shoulders when she said that she would take care of him. He let her do it without a thought, because he wasn't ready to be a father. He was still trying to put his life back together.

Now that Andromeda was gone he had to take on the role as a father. He still didn't think he was ready to do it. He had to tho, he would be the father of his own child in only a couple of months. He could do it.

"Harry, are you ready to go?" He was snapped out of his thoughts by Ginny.

"What? Oh yeah I am."

Harry looked down at the tear stained face of the small 6 year old clinging to Ginny.

"Are you okay?" He said looking at the little boy.

Teddy gave a small nod and looked up at Ginny.

"I guess its time to go home now?" She said. They walked out the car, Ginny buckled Teddy into his car seat, and they went home.

The car ride home was silent except for the small sniffles coming from Teddy in the back seat. They pulled into the house and Teddy quietly walked out to the back yard.

"Teddy do you want some dinner?" Harry asked as Teddy walked out. He received silence as his answer.

"Don't worry, he'll come around after you talk to him." Ginny spoke in to his ear.

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