These little moments are essential

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Part 11:

Hailie was discharged the next week. Harry brought her home, and insisted on carrying everything inside, including her. She giggled, and sat down. As Harry unpacked the shopping, she thought of something. Wouldn't it be great to live with Harry? They had been going out for over a year now (the breakup was only for a couple of hours, so that didn't count). "Harry?" she called to the kitchen. "mm?" he came into the living room, and leant on the door frame. She smiled, and turned off the tv. "how would you feel about living here?" he smirked. "you don't beat around the bush, do you?" she shook her head. "I'd love to" her face dropped into shock. "r-really?!" he nodded. "course" she ran and jumped into his arms. "I love you, Harry" she kissed him. "I love you too, Hailie" he said, kissing her back. He ran his hand up her top, and she pulled off his. He brought her to the bedroom, taking off his belt as he did so. He dropped it on the hall floor. She kicked off her shoes and they landed beside Harry's belt. As they entered the bedroom, he unbuttoned her shorts, slipping them off. She did the same with his jeans. "wow" he said, examining her. "you like?" she winked. He nodded. She stepped closer, kissing his neck. "it's all yours, baby" she left lovebites all down his neck, in a long line. He did the same, slowly moving down her body. He picked her up and placed her on the bed, climbing on top of her. (You can guess what happened next ;D)

"HARRY?? HAILIEE??" Louis' voice rang through the house. Hailie sat up suddenly, breaking free from Harry's arms. "fuck, what time is it?" he said. "dunno" she hurried around the room, throwing clothes into the wardrobe. She got dressed, threw up her hair and brushed her teeth in five minutes. She was hanging up the clothes as Louis walked in. "ah! There you are!" he said, hugging her. "hellooo" she said, smiling as she hugged him back. Harry had to admit, he got a little jealous. "morning Harold" Louis sat down on the bed. "mm.. Morning" his voice was croaky. "my, someone isn't a morning person, are they?" Hailie giggled, walking over to Harry and sitting on his lap. "he may not be a morning person, but that's just they way I like him" she kissed him on the lips, quick, but sweet. So she knew he was jealous? At least she took it well. "so Louis, any special reason for the visit?" he shook his head. "bored" he shrugged. "any food?" Hailie hit Louis. "nope, mine." Louis pouted. "you're worse than Niall!" she winked. "you know you love me" Harry kissed her neck. "I know I do" she held her hand on his cheek, bent down to his ear and whispered. "jealousy is hot on you" and winked. "Harry, we better get your stuff" he nodded. "oh yeah" he got up, and went to the bathroom, closing the door. "stuff?" Louis raised his eyebrow. "eh, tell yah later. Coffee?" Louis nodded. "sure" they walked down to the kitchen. "last night was good then?" Hailie choked on her coffee. "excuuse me?" she said, coughing. Louis tapped a spot in his neck. Hailie covered her neck. She forgot. "I'm gonna kill him" Louis laughed. "I think it's best you invest in a scarf. Maybe two" Hailie snorted. Harry came downstairs. Louis stood up, and clapped him on the back. "well done, my friend. Well done. See you guys later" he walked out. Harry pointed to the door. "wha?" Hailie closed her eyes. "don't ask" they left to go get Harry's stuff for the house.

"Hailie! Hailie! Hailie!" Niall's voice rang through the house as Harry's car pulled up at the house. "what? What? What?" she laughed. "nothing. Just excited to see you!" he ran and picked her up, and spun her around while hugging her. "Nialler, put me down!!" she squealed as he tickled her. "ugh... FINE." he said jokingly. "c'mon babe" Harry put an arm around her waist as they walked inside.

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