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I woke up to a pitch black room there was something on my mouth I took it off then the door opened I couldn't see who it was until they said"Maya Maya Maya I was hoping you died by the car"."Sabrina please leave me alone".I could hear her foot steps grow louder and louder until they stopped I then herd a click and something hit my head"tell me where they are"."I don't kno please don't kill me".she didn't say anything I grabbed they bade by my bed and hit her in the head she fell to the floor and I struggled to get up but I started to fell better I finally got on my feet and tried to turn on the lights but they wernt working I herd people screaming I walked out and tried to find my way to tiaras room I pulled out my phone and turned the flashlight on I saw people dead and doctors trying to save people what's wrong with this girl I found the room and shined the light to make sure everybody was they were and then chres ran to me and said"are you okay"."yea but Sabrina tried to kill me she was driving the car and she just had me but I hit her and Craig where Craig".I turned ready to leave then chres said"I'm comin"."no your not"."yes I am".tears were comming down my face"no tour not I caint lose you to stay ill be back".I ran off trying to get to Craig when I got there he was gon then somebody pulled me into the bathroom it was Craig"oh my got Craig".I huged him so tight he pulled away and handed me a gun"I know all about your past and I'm gonna help you get us out of here because I know you can".I couldn't help but smile we walked out olny to be stopped by Sabrina"what do we have here are we cheeting again Maya"."no what do you want"."your life".I couldn't say anything"your insane"."whatever lets just get this over with".then Craig punched her and yelled"RUN".I did as told I ran back in the room everybody had a panic look on their faces the door swung open it was Craig I ran to him and huged him and said"are you okay"."yea"."where is she"."she ran"."are you good on bullets"."yeah you".then tiara said"Craig".he walked to her and kissed her and hugged her then the door swing open me and Craig put our guns up then my dad walked in and said"I've come to help".I smiled and ran and hugged him then the lights came back on there was red words on the wall thar said"IM COMMING BITCHES".I looked around then everybody looked at me I said"yall ain't see the person who wrote that".nobody said anything"we need to get out of here".I turned on my heel and started to walk out but I herd something or someone"Maya get out now she's comming use all of your training skills to fight this girl she's no human I've given you a crossbow and guns and bullets Craig is talented work with him and your dad came through let him help get your loved ones out of there".then it was gone I looked down and I had a crossbow in my hand with a gun in the other I looked at Craig who knew what just happens my dad shook his head and everybody else had the wtf look on their face I said"come on".I was infront and my dad in the middle and Craig was in the back when we got out the door Sabrina was standing there smiling then Craig wisperd"Maya keep walking".I did as told until she said"Maya did you tell all your friends about the little murder spree you went on last year and killed almost 65 people".everybody gasped I couldn't move then Craig pushed me I started walking until I felt a shape sting go across my lip she hit me oh hell no"GO I GOT HER".They ran off I started beating her she kicked me in the mouth i spit up blood I punched her in the face and then she cought my hand and said''You know I really liked  fucking arron''.I felt a whole nother level of anger rise inside me I started pounding her face in she threw me on the wall then my phone rand it was craig i ran to it''Hello''.''You need help no''.''I got everybody out''.''Okay now I need you to evacuate the whole hospital cause this bitch aint dieing''.she grabbed the phone and said''Better hurry before me and your friend die''I grabbed my crossbow and aimed it at her and shot her in the heart and in the eye but she kept walking to me she ran me into a room and threw us both out the window I herd somebody scream''Mayaaaaaaa''.we were still fighting each other I grabbed onto the rope and she was hanging on my feet pulling me down''Let me go''.''If I die you die''.the rope was breaking''Its tearing let go''.I kicked her in the nose but she held her grip she stuck something in my anckle it was a knife''Ahhhhhhh you bitch''.the rope broke and we were falling out or the sky then I herd the voice again''Pull on the zipper''.I did and a flatable matress poped out as I landed on the ground sabrina hit the concrete everybody rushed to me''Maya you okay''.''Yea where is she''.I looked around and saw her holding a bomb in her hand''Wheres craig''.''In the hospital''.My whole world ended I ran back in the hospital''Craig where are you''.''Maya what are you doing''.Then the bomb blew off I stood infont of craig and some kind of blue stuff started forming around us stuff was falling everywhere when it calmed down the building started to shake me and craig started running and everything started callapseing behind us there was noway out we ran to a room and looked out the window there was a pool and everybody was standing around I looked at craig and then the roof started falling''Jump''.We grabbed eachh others hands and ran and busted the glass and jumped out the window''AHHHHHHHHH''.we hit the water and then some wood fell in the water I grabbed craig and moved him out of the way we got out and then he said''Are you okay''.''Yea''.My arm started stinging I looked at it my bone was poping out''Umm craig look''.He looked at my arm I turned around and say everybody running towards us I looked at my arm it was slowly I kept looking back at my arm to craig who's eyes were widened and my friends who were getting closer and closer they made it to us and my arm had healed then we saw sabrina walking towards us I stood infront of everybody and was waiting she got to my feet and fell she started twicthing I bent down and saw that she was a robot instead of a human i pulled her fake skin off and revealed a silver body I pushed the red button that had deactivate on it and she stopped moving I broke the activate button and stood up and then chres hugged me and kissed me all around my face then kara hugged me then jake and he said''Im so sorry''.''You good''.I smiled and then ray hugged me and then my dad walked up to me and said''Maya im sorry and I was hopeing you would give me another chance''.I smiled and nodded and we hugged it out I then herd everybody saying''awww''.I started laughing then tiara said''Thank you''.I smiled knowing we would probaly never be friends again I walked to chres car and we drove to tiara's house I sat down on the couch and then everybody came in I still didnt know how craig made it so I asked''craig how did you get out of your coma''.''You''.''Me''.''Yea when you came in their and cussed me out then you calmed down and started talking to me and when you told me to lift two fingers if I wanted you guys to wait''.I smiled then chres said''Yea cause when he woke up he lifted up two fingers and started saying maya ian know what was wrong''.I busted out laughing then kara said''im glad you made it maya I thought you were dead''.''Well im not so''.Then craig said''Maya and kara whats up with you and tiara''.I looked at kara and her eyes turned red I looked at tiara who had a flash of guilt in her eyes''well tiara cussed me out and blamed your death on me so I ran and thats when I got hit by the car''.then kara said''Then she told me to go to hell''.craig looked at tiara and she stood up and said''I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY THEY EVEN HERE GET OUT''.I jumped up in a quickness and said''HOW THA FUCK YOU GONE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT AND I SAVED YOUR BOYFRIEND''.then kara said''Yea and I bailed you out of jail''.''I DONT GIVE A FUCK GET OUT BEFORE I CALL THE POLIECE''.Im thinking is this girl serious I grabbed my stuff and and said''Cres you commin''.He jumped up then kara said''Ray''.He jumped up we walked out and kara said''You still got me she gon need us one day''.I shook my head and got in chres car and he drove me home..



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