Jaime’s POV

Ellie walked in the living room hugging Tony. He had been crying. “What happened?” I directed this at Ellie. She looked at Tony, who nodded.

“It’s Henri, she can’t cope with seeing us anymore.” Her voice cracked mid-sentence. I held out my arms for Tony to come in to. He flopped in to them, resting his head on my shoulder. Ellie smiled and waved. “Gunna find Bekka. Or Mike.” She walked out of the room leaving us alone.

“Wanna talk about it Tony?” He shook his head. “How about we make a fort?” He raised his head and looked at me confused. I got some chairs from the dining room and placed them on the floor. “Come on!” Tony smiled and got off his ass, taking some cushions with him. “I’ll leave you to do that, I’m gunna find Ellie.” He laughed and waved me off.

“I take all ownership of this fort now, and I will be the King of it! Loser!” I shook my head and went to find Ellie. As I went out Vic walked in.

“Tony? What’s going on?” He sounded confused. Tony let out another laugh.

“I’m building a fort!” I left Vic, trying to make sense of what was happening.

I went upstairs and found Bekka and Ellie talking on the bed in our room. I bundled on top of Ellie, remembering she still hadn’t given me a kiss yet. She coughed when my body collided with hers. “Sorry Bekka, for that hedgehog.” Bekka laughed.

“Ellie, you still haven’t given me a kiss!” I stuck my bottom lip out. Ellie and Bekka laughed. Ellie sat back up and I laid on my side, my elbow propping my head up.

“You’re lucky Mike doesn’t moan.” Bekka nodded.

“Yeh. Anyway before we were interrupted, what were we saying?” Bekka directed this at me. I thought I get in on the gossip.

“Yeh before we were rudely interrupted we were, urm saying about. I really can’t remember.” Ellie scowled at me. I just smiled at her.  

“Oh yeah, it was about Jaime!” Bekka snapped her fingers and Ellie let out a laugh.

“It was about how annoying he is and when he interrupts conversations you can’t remember what you said-“I cut her off and put a huge smile on my face.

“Because I’m too damn sexy.” Ellie looked at me holding back a laugh. When she did laugh it came out in sniggers.

“And you know it. I think you deserve a kiss now!” I clapped my hands. She leaned down and gave me a kiss; finally I was waiting for that. “No, we were actually talking about starting a band. Bekka here plays drums. I sing and play rhythm guitar, Nic plays bass and Jake plays lead. Seems like we got it sorted. Jaime watch out we could be touring with you soon!” I raised an eyebrow, oh really?

“Right that’s it gotta warn Vic. His parents will be here soon anyway so come downstairs.” I took both girls hands and dragged them behind me.

I lay in bed, Ellie wrapped in my arms. Vic’s mum and dad had left a few hours ago. His mum said I hadn’t changed one bit, I didn’t know if that was a good thing or not. Ellie moaned and shuffled around on the bed.

“What was that food fight all about?” Ellie laughed and looked at me.

“Tony started it!” I held my hands up in defence. She snuggled back in to my arms.

“You helped him today. How did you do it?” She put her arm around my stomach.

“I don’t know, I made him build a fort.” I shrugged. Ellie laughed.

“What the hell?” I laughed with her. She turned the light off and she fell asleep. I was wide awake. Too much alcohol.

Ellie’s POV

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