-Chapter 1-

I'm not sure how long I've been sitting in this hospital bed, but I do know that I want to leave as soon as possible. I'm not like most girls my age, but I'm not completely different. I like watching Disney movies, and I love animals! My favorite food is mac&cheese and my favorite band is One Direction.

My name is Taylor Marie Flynn, and I have leukemia, and I am a Make A Wish kid. I'm twelve years old and have grey-blue eyes and I used to have blond hair. Now I just get to wear a stupid red bandanna. I'm staying at the Galasano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, New York, and I have an older sister and a dad. My mom died when I was younger in a car accident, but my sister has always helped my dad with me.

My hospital room is kinda cool. I don't have a roommate because the last one I had, I beat up. The doctor had to remove her from my room and sternly reprimanded me. But she was the one who started it! First off, she wouldn't shut the H-E- double hockey sticks up! Second, she kept making fun of me because I was bald. She had a different kind of issue, I guess, but at least she got to keep her hair. Then she said ''One Direction would never love a dis-functional little bald girl!" So I beat her up. And I think it was funny that she called me a little girl considering I was older than her, but only by a year. I pretty much watch movies, and TV all day, along with listening to One Direction and playing pranks on the nurses. It's funny to see them freak out. My sister even brought in her old laptop for me to use, so I can go on-line and do all sorts of stuff. So I guess its a good thing that I don't have a roommate!

There was a knock at the door and the nurse with red hair came in with some dude holding a video camera. "Hello Taylor! Ready to make a wish?" She asked with a cheerful tone. How could she be so cheerful? Stupid woman!

A wish..I knew what I wanted, but I also know what would happen if it came true.. "Yeah, I guess if I could have anything it would be to spend a day with One Direction." I said trying to hold back the tears. The salty tears were starting to sting my eyes and I could feel my face getting warmer.

"That's so sweet! We'll see what we can do!"

"NO!" The red haired nurse just turned around and looked at me utterly confused.

"Please, don't make me meet them!" I yelled with the salty liquid now flowing from my eyes with a speedy pace.

"But you just-" The redhead started.

"I know what I said, but I also know that I'm only going to meet them if there is nothing else you can do for me, and I'm going to die...Please don't make me meet them! Please!" I interrupted her. I was now completely sobbing. I had almost no hope left! Why else would she have asked me to make a wish?!

The redheaded nurse started to leave with the man holding the camera who had just filmed me having a breakdown. She turned back to me right as she was about to leave and said "We'll do what we can, Taylor. I promise." And with that, she exited me hospital room. Slowly but surely, I continued to cry myself into a peaceful sleep where I could dream and get away from the harsh reality that no child should have to go through.

-A Few Days Later-

-Liam's POV-

"BOYS! COME DOWN HERE!" I yelled up to the lads. I had just gotten the mail and a package came with a letter. I suddenly heard the stampede of footsteps coming down the stairs and was met by my four best mates.

"What did we do this time?" Louis asked, thinking he was in trouble...again.

"Nothing...yet. But we got a package and a letter and its addressed to all of us." I informed the curious boys.

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