See you at the Olympics

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Hey guys, I'm on holiday but managed to get some internet £20 for a week ! stupid anyways at least I can update now. Thank you for all the lovely comments and tweets it means a lot ! When I reach 100 fans I am going to fan a few people so remember to fan me (only if you want to). These next few chapters won't be the best and may be a little rushed but when I get home I will edit them for you guys.Sorry for the long intro and thanks if you have read it :) (I say thank you way too much hehe )

Ellie's pov.

The next morning I awoke fairly early I guessed due to the sun which was rising behind the hills just in front of me.

I rolled over to see Tom still fast asleep, he looked so innocent, looks can be deceiving haha.

I noticed that the coat was no where to be seen, I noticed that it was wrapped around me now, how strange.

Tom must of seen that I was cold or something during the night?

Thinking about it now I did over react a little but it was in the heat of the moment.

Tom meant well and I suppose it was like a little test to see if I got on with his diving friends.

I mean it would be no good if I didn't get on with them.

I must apologise.

I was snapped out of my deep thoughts by Tom sitting up, he was panting like he had a nightmare.

"Tom ? " I asked, I was really concerned.

"Huh?" He said, he must be half asleep still poor thing.

"Are you okay Tom ?" I questioned.

"Yeah babe I'm fine, don't worry about me, are you okay ?" He asked selflessly.

"Yeah I'm fine, sorry about the sleeping arrangements, its not the best" I said, feeling guilty.

"No worries, I like an adventure" Tom laughed.

We sat talking for a while whilst the quiet murmur of the radio played in the background.

"Lets drive you home" Tom said kindly.

"Thanks Tom" I said feeling truly grateful and guilty about my outburst the previous night.

"For what ?" He questioned.

"I was bang out of order yesterday" I apologised.

"I understand" Tom said quietly.

Tom and I put the seats back up and whilst Tom finished off I went to put the coat and other things we had used back into the boot.

When I returned Tom had assembled the chairs again.

I sat shotgun (passenger side) .

Tom fired up the engine and drove down the road towards my family's house.

After a little 'heated discussion' as I called it (argument), Tom let me put on my music.

Tom prefers the mainstream pop music whilst I on the other hand prefer something a little less well known.

My genre of music is pop punk like Panic! at the disco, Paramore, my Chemical Romance and Avril lavigne .

I picked my favourite radio station called Palm tree (A/N Couldn't think of anything else  and that was what was infront of me, sorry)

This radio station played all my music !

"You call that music ?" Tom asked refering to 'The ballad of Mona Lisa' by Panic! at the disco 

"Yes, very good music" I said.

"There no One Direction are they" Tom said.

"One Direction are okay but this is my taste" I said trying to be nice.

The truth was I really liked One Direction, they were talented boys and I liked their personalities but Tom didn't need to know I felt like that.

"Earth to Ellie" said Tom, snapping me out of my daydream about Liam Payne.

"Huh" I said sounding very confused.

"I said we are here" Tom said pointing to my house which was outside the car.

"Oh well thanks for the lift" I said whilst pulling the silver handle and stepping out the car.

"I will see you after My double syncro ? " Tom asked.

"Yes you will, my Dad is 'dragging' me along" I said doing the quotation marks with  my hands.

"Oh so there is no divers that catch your eye ?" Tom asked.

"No" I said blankly.

"Oh" Tom said with a sad tone.

I tried my best to keep a straight face but I couldn't.

I burst out laughing.

"You are so stupid" I giggled.

"Hey ! " He said trying his best to sound offended.

"Not buying it" I said sticking my tounge out.

"Whatever" He said trying to sound cool.

"Hey look a dead bird" I said.

Tom looked up at the sky.

"Not stupid at all " I teased.

"Not fair" Tom sulked.

"Whatever, I've got to go, next time I see you ,you'd better have a gold medal around that neck of yours." I said before walking up to my front door.

"Bye" I said whilst waving.

"I love you" Tom shouted.

"Bye" I repeated before walking inside my house.

Sorry its not very long and is a filler chapter but the next one will be the start of the olmypics so it will be better I promise. Sorry about any spelling mistakes I don't have time to proof read today. Please vote and fan. Comment and suggestions for a story line and if you want me to continue.

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