Part 6

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Brooke POV

I walked inside and i couldnt help but smile and blush. I just kissed Brandon Pent!. Ive been in love with hm for years and now i might finally have a chance with him. I went upstairs and Paige was in my room with Chloe. i guess shes sleeping over. I tell her to get out but she begs me to tell her how the date went. I say, " well not much happened, we went to the beach and swam for a little while". I wasnt telling her i kissed Brandon, she would tell the whole dance studio." Anything else, like maybe a kiss", she said. I couldnt help it, i had to blush." YOU KISSED BRANDON!!!", her and Cloe practically screamed. " shut up, before mom hears!", i snap back. To late. I could here my mom coming up the stairs. " So Brooke, i hear you kissed Brandon", she says walking in my room. "Yeah mom, so what', i say in an annoyed tone. " Nothing, i think its cute, i cant wait to tell Diane!". I roll my eyes and tell everyone to leave cause im tired. " I think it might be all that kissing you and Brandon did!!",Paige says as i shove her and Cloe out my door. I say back, "we only kissed once for your information". They leave and i get changed into my pajamas and lay down. 5 minutes later i get a text from Brandon. It said, "hey Brooke!, i had an amazing night, see u at dance tommorow". I texted back, "me too, night". i tried to sleep but i couldnt stop thinking. I had so many things on my mind. Like, what are me and Brandon? friend or boyfriend and girlfriend? What about Nick? Do i like him?...i thought about it until i drifted off and fell asleep.

i dont know if im doing a good job.. tell me what you think

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