I plugged my phone into the charger of my Ihome and set the alarm to 9o'clock. Roni and I would go to breakfast then we'd go to the studio at 1. 

"Goodnight Rye." Roni said while wraping herself in the comfy hotel bed.

"Night Ron." I responded while turning off the lights and locking my phone as it sat in the charging station.


"If we could only have this life For one more day If we could only turn back time You know I’ll be Your life Your voice Your reason to be My love My heart Is breathing for this Moment In time I’ll find the words to say Before you leave me today

Close the door Throw the key Don’t wanna be rem-" 

I leaned over and quickly shut off the alarm.

"Hey ! That was Niall's part..put it back on !" Roni shot up and spoke.

"Nah...but start getting ready were leaving in an hour for breakfast." I yawned and shuffled over to my suitcase and grabbed a white zipper sweatshirt from PINK, navy blue ripped jeans, and mix-matched socks. I walked over to the bathroom nearly walking into the wall.

I plugged in my Conair straightener and put on my clothes. Next, applying black eyeliner and mascara which emphasized my long eelashes and bright hazel green eyes. My brown hair was naturally wavy, I decided to just straighten the underneath layer to make my hair longer, even though my hair was alittle higher than my belly button. Done. I unplugged my straightener and let Roni in to get ready.

I slipped on my White Vans and grabbed my purse and car keys from the counter. Roni came out and we left for a little dinner at around 10:15, not bad timing. When we got there I parked the car and put money in the meter. We only had 2 hours to eat.

We got a table fast and ordered our drinks, I got apple juice and Roni got a milkshake. Across the room there was someone ordering, they were sitting alone and I couldn't help but look over, they had ordered apple juice too, it was funny, another "adult" getting a kids drink. They put down their menu and handed it to the waitress, it was Harry.

I quickly turned and put the menu infront of my face. Roni had no clue what was going on, she was to busy trying to figure out if she wanted a waffle with icecream or pancakes...#whitegirlproblems.

The waitress came back with our drinks and we ordered. I got french toast with a side of homefries and Roni ended up getting pancakes. She took our menus and Roni went to the bathroom. I looked down at my phone and we were making good time, we still had an hour on the meter and traffic didn't look to bad.

But then there was a problem.

I looked up and Harry was looking at me. He waved and pushed his chair out and was about to walk over. I bit my lip and hoped something would stop him from coming over, and something did. The waitress came over and put his food on the table, I was saved. Roni came back and sat down. I needed to tell her...


"Yea?" She looked at me while scootching in her chair.

"Um, I have to tell you something," I tried to think of a good way to put this..."Um, One Direction is hosting X-Factor...and Harry might like me, but I'm not sure, and he's over there now."

"Rye ! Why didn't you tell me this before ! This is awesome !!!"

"No it's not ! I need to focus on the contest...not boys, he''s probably not even into me. Isn't he usually a flirt ?"

"Yea, that's true, but still !"

"No, I'm not going to text him anymore, besides I already deleted his number."


"I deleted his number..?"

"But you were texting him ?!?!? Rye !" Our food came and Roni stopped talking.

"Yes, I was, but it's over now. I don't want any boy drama right now, I just want to try and win that record deal." We stopped talking about the topic and ate our food. When we were done, I paid the bill and we left. When I stepped out of the door, Harry was there.


"Roni, " I handed her the keys, "Go wait in the car." She walked to the car and I heard it unlock and lock in a matter of seconds.

"Ello Love." Harry said. "You never responded to my text last night." I needed to think of a good way to tell him..

"I know, I actually deleted your number." Good job Ryanne.

"What ?"

"I deleted your number...I need to focus on this, my singing, it's important to me and my sister. I'm sorry." He looked sad and I started to feel terrible.

"Here," I handed my phone while it was opened to contacts list, "add your number, I guess it won't really hurt" He smiled and gladly put in his number. I smiled when he handed me my phone back.

"I'll see you at the studio...Ryanne." I smiled at him as I walked over to my car and waved goodbye.

"So...?" Roni was looking at me from the passenger seat like there was something I had to tell her.

"What ? Nothing happened..he seemed um okay with it I guess.." I looked down at my shoes remembering how he looked, I felt bad all over again.

"I told him I was gonna focus on the contest, but I let him put his number in my phone again." I handed her my phone so she could see for herself. She read it outloud

"Harry Styles<3(; Ohh winkey face and heart and everything." Roni said while making kissy faces. I took the phone and shoved it in my pocket. I pulled out of the parking spot and drove toward the studio.It was about an hour away and we had 30minutes to spare if we were on time...and we were.

Next thing I knew we had pulled into the studio parking garage and on our way to the stage. Roni followed me, but was stopped when a gaurd showed her into the audience, a special section for family and friends. We went our separate ways and gave hugs goodbyes even though we weren't going anywhere. I walked into the room with other contestants. Usually there were a lot of contestants, but this time there were only about 10-15. I didn't take the time to get to know any of them, yet, but first I listened to what Simon was about to annonuce. The One Direction boys were in a line standing next to Simon, It was Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Harry.

"Okay everyone, welcome to your first day here at X-Factor. This year there are only 15 of you, and we have a surprise." Simon handed the mic down to Liam who said: "We, the boys of One Direction are here to help you along." Liam then handed it to Zayn: "Yes, because we were once contestants, as you are now, on this show." Next, it was Niall's turn: "So, we are splitting you all up into groups of three, and each of you will get a different member of our band to 'coach' you." Louis spoke next: "And when you're done, one day before the show you will come together and sing with an unknown person, and elimination will be tricky and unknown from there." Last, was Harry: "So, to sum it all up, There will be 5 groups of 3 people, each person will be taught a different part of the song and you have one day to come together with someone you don't know and the 5 of you will sing one song. Get It ?" Harry smiled and put the mic in a stand. I think we all got it...for the most part.

This was going to be complicated, and hopefully I'd be able to pull it off.

Kind of confusong, but also intriguing !

haha big word !

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