(Amy's POV)

I was so lost in the fireworks and sparks, that It took me a while to even register what was happening until I felt his tongue graze across my lips. As much as I loved that kiss, I had to pull away.

I lightly pushed his chest making us separate as I looked at him, an incredulous look plastered on my face. I am still processing the information that Sally told me minutes ago. Now the love of my life just kissed me.

Pinch me...again.

"S-Sorry..." he stuttered, taking a step back. "I don't know what came over me...you have a boyfriend and I totally screwed up."

I took my two fingers and raised his chin, to make him face me. I looked deep into his eyes. "You know, Drake and me aren't really dating...it was to get you jealous."

He looked at me questionably as I smirked. Hah, stumped.

At first I thought he would say something about it, adding a witty comment but when all I heard was the bitter silence that his room gave me, I knew something was wrong.

"Sorry...I need to go...Bye." he stated breifly before running out the door and out of the house, leaving me in the dust once again.

What just happened?!

(Sonic's POV)

I ran out of my house and ran as fast as I could. I need to clear my mind, and fast. Everything has been so filled with drama and I need to get away from this. It's been going by so fast. I broke up with Sally for good reasons. Feelings for a certain person.

Yeah, I liked my best friend. When I saw her show up at my door, it was like a present on Christmas. I couldn't resist. Then when she said she wasn't dating Drake, everything got too confusing and I couldn't think straight. So I did the one thing I knew best, I ran.

I ran far away from anyone else. I ran into the field and lied on the grass. I let out a shaky breath and closed my eyes. I need a break, a big one at that.

I picked the flower next to me and looked at it carefully. A giddy, involuntary laugh escaped my lips as I looked at it's vibrant colors of pink and white. Heh, just like Amy.

Cant I just keep my mind off of her for one minute?!

But I couldn't, she is all I think about these days.

I just can't believe I found out my actual feelings for her, this far into our friendship. Why was I so naive?

I sighed as I got up from my spot and decided to go back and get things straight. I ran off at top speed back into the city. Suddenly I felt all the emotions whirl back to me. But instead of pushing away, I let them spread. I stopped running and looked at the ground, just being distracted by my overwhelming thoughts.

I was awakened from my thoughts from the flashing of headlights and a loud horn. I looked over quickly to see a truck coming at me full speed. I gasped as I tried to get away, but for once;

I wasn't fast enough.

I felt the pain shoot through my veins as I flew in the air and skidded on the road, hitting my head multiple times. I heard a soft scream, but it got muffled as everything was fading away.

I couldn't move and the next thing I knew, everything went black.

(Tails' POV)

"I'll see you later?" I asked the young rabbit in front of me. She giggled a bit before kissing my cheek. I felt the blood rush to my face as I looked at her.

"Of course!" she walked up a few steps to her house, our fingers still entwined together. She smiled back at me before letting go of my hand and proceeded to enter her house. I stared in the direction she left in, dreamily.

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