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The weapon lands on the tree next to me and I flinch as the wind rushes past me. One look at Dameon makes me realize that he was scared too, and he grabs my hand and leads the way. I drop the flower where I standed.

More arrows came after that. They whip past my dress, ripping the fabric and causing a ripping sound, which makes my heart shatter. One dagger scratches Dameon's arm and he screams in pain and falls to the ground. I let out a high-pitched gasp and bend down as the guards rush towards me.

"No!" I scream, tears falling from my face as they drag me away, "Stop, please!" A guard rushes towards the group and speaks with one.

"I'll take it from here. Our queen wants her put in a confidential prison, and she only gave me the coordinates." The others look at him, unsure, but then the blonde guard nods and they return me over to him. When they're far enough away, he bends down to me. "I'm here for you," Raymond whispers. I smile and hug him tightly without thinking, then lead him to where Dameon is laying, nearly dying.

"He got hit with a dagger," I report, clearing my throat. Raymond nods and we carry him to a clearing, so we could care for him. Dameons looks so lifeless and dead that my eyes flame up, which the guard notices and looks down. When we lean the boy against a tree, I turn my attention to Raymond, telling him exactly what to do.

"My mother told me about this plant," I begin, with hand motions, "It can heal anything and only I knew about it- only she knew." The blonde man nods, dismissing me.

I really don't know where I'm going, I just needed somewhere private enough to cry. I'm suddenly a criminal, my best friend is close to dead, and I will never get to go on a date with- Crispin I think, wondering what he may think of me now.

Then, I look at my situation and realize that I have no more affection for him. He doesn't have enough for me. Did he bother to show up when I was about to be stabbed to death in the attic? No- Dameon did. I think, replaying what he had said. 'I know a way you could thank me. Say yes'.

Those words echoed in my head as I try desperately to get them out. I feel my eyes flame and realize I wasn't in love with Crispin, I was in love with Dameon. And now, I may have lost him.

When I come back to Raymond with the plant, he immediately grabs it and asks for my directions. I tell him to chew it, and then spit it on his wound. He does as he is told and does it quickly. I watch Dameon's face carefully, putting my hand over his. After a matter of 2 minutes, he jolts up, breathing heavy and staring out into deep space. He doesn't recognize Raymond, but notices me and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me into a tight hug. The guard watches awkwardly and waits for an introduction.

"Oh- um- Dameon, this is Raymond," I say, putting my hand out. The blonde man smiles and they exchange handshakes while I look around.

"Thank you so much," Dameon breathes. Raymond gives him a "no problem" look, and he turns back to me. The guard looks around and runs out the other way, and I hear voices speaking about me. He lies very well.

"Katherine, what happened?" Dameon asks, looking down at my soiled face and ripped dress.

"Well, you were hit with a dagger, and a bunch of guards started carrying me away. But then Raymond showed up and helped me care for you. My mother told me about this plant that healed every wound and so I went out to find it. While I was out there, I started crying because I was so worried that I was going to lose you and-"

Then he kisses me. It seems like we're the only two people in the world, and as he moves  his hands down to grab mine, I feel my eyes flame up. He puts his fingers in between the spaces of my hand and chills go down my spine. When I release, a painful shock crosses Dameon's face and I peck him on the lips once more to assure him that I agree. He smiles and touches his forehead to mine.

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