"Swept away" written by VeGirl 2014 © All Rights Reserved

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In May, Isa's birthday was coming up and she really wanted a party. She had been feeling more than a bit down and wanted to snap out of her doom and gloom, but with finals coming up and essays to finish, there was so much work to do at school that Isa had no chance in hell to plan the slightest thing. Her mind was constantly somewhere else and she had to work like crazy to get her essay done.

"You need to chill, Isa!"

Isa snapped her head up from the books to find Wilma's smiling face just above. "You're making the rest of us look lazy." She was teasing.

"It feels like I'm always one step behind." Isa whined.

"Okay, you have two days till Friday, that's when I'm taking you clubbing; you got that?" she said harsh and Isa laughed.

"Yeah, thanks honey I'll fix a huge party in the summer instead." Isa was feeling a bit disappointed. "But I'm almost finished with my essay." She tried to sound a little more positive.

"Good, then we can head out this Friday!" Wilma laughed and left.

They had almost no classes at all that Thursday, so Isa had a lot of free time; free time to work on her paper, that is. On Friday morning she handed it to her teacher and felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted from her shoulders.

Wilma had already handed hers in and when they met, she wished Isa a happy birthday.

"More like sappy birthday..." Isa muttered but thanked her and hugged her back. Isa was really glad to have her as a friend.

"Snap out of it, we're going dancing tonight." She scowled, but smiled afterwards. Wilma worked her magic and got Isa in a really good mood before they sat in a taxi on their way to their favorite club.

In retrospect Isa should have been suspicious when she notice the lack of line of people trying to get in, but her mind was preoccupied. She was just on a roll and the suspicious part of her brain she did her best to suppress, since it held the monster called jealousy, and they were not to open that can of worms tonight.

"Thanks for being the best friend, ever!" Isa hugged Wilma when they had paid the cab and was heading inside.

"Sure." Wilma said with a smile and they opened the doors.


Isa 's heart almost stopped from the surprise of people showing up to celebrate her birthday, and she blinked as she looked around. Isa's father and Sofia popped up with a starry eyed Julia that jumped into Isa's arms almost immediately. As soon as she had hugged them, no other than her mother and David wrapped their arms around her.

"Mom?" Isa couldn't believe it. "You two flew all the way over here?" She was astonished and tears started to stream down her cheeks.

There were a line of people wanting to hug and congratulate her and she had to wait to talk to her mother until later. Music started to blast in the club and people headed to the dance floor, making it look just like any other night at their favorite spot.

"I can't believe it!" Isa said starry eyed to Wilma, when she had greeted everyone there.

"I had help." Wilma had a sneaky face. "Your mom and David have been here since yesterday, and I've talked a lot with your dad."

Isa just gaped. "You backstabbing..." Wilma just laughed, making Isa do the same.

"I knew you would never let me do it if I asked you."

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