chapter nine

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John's P.O.V. :
I watched in amazement as Luna shifted into the same gruesome creature before her. She attacked the beast and the beast attacked her. It was a messy battle as they tangled with one another. I wanted so go help her, but somehow I found the strength to resist that urge.

I knew  that I had to kill the other six attackers that were now surrounding us. Nati and Mrs.Yoko seemed to have the same thought too. All three of us advanced towards the six attackers. It did'nt seem like a fair fight. I materialized and rematerialized behind one of them giving him a swift and deadly blow to the head, then snapping his neck to make sure he was dead.

I watched for a moment as Mrs.Yoko shifted into a wolf and stealtyly lunged herself at two of the attackers. She managed to deliver a deadly blow to both of them. They would die soon from blood loss. It was a bloody sight as we took out the last few of the attackers, all of us managing to get a few wounds in the process.

Our attention soon drifted to Luna however when we saw fire. The beast that she was fighting now lay a burnt crisp on the ground. She looked around and I could clearly see the dazed and confused expression on her face. Her legs started to shake and she then collapsed. I materialized just in time to catch her before she hit the ground. I stroked her face lightly while the warmth in her body started to leave."Luna! Luna stay with me" I said softly into her ear.

"We need to get her out of here John before more of them come!"Nati yelled at me as I picked Luna's fragile body off the ground. It was almost a mile before we even reached the forest. After we got to the forest we continued to run until we got to a small clearing.

I set Luna's body down while we all caught our breath. "What happened?" Luna said weakly as she started to come to.

Luna's P.O.V. :

My eyes fluttered open as I took in my surroundings. I had a terrible pain in my head. There were trees all around us, so I assumed that we were now in the forest. "What happened?" I said as John came into view and now was towering over me. "John, I need to talk to Luna alone right now. You and Nati go keep guard or something." came Mrs.Yoko's gentle voice.

"How are you feeling?" she said as she sat down on the ground with me. My fingers were tangling with the grass and there was a slight breeze that was washing over me. "Quite honestly I feel like crap. What happened back there? I mean one moment I'm human and the next moment I'm not."

"Well you finally got your powers and instead of gradually growing into them , you kind of got the full effects of your powers right away." she said in a soothing voice.

"I'm still so confused. How did I even get these powers?" I said, my voice almost trembeling as the cool night air howled around us.

"I actually do'nt know how you got your powers. We do'nt have much time to talk, but I'll try to explain everything as quickly and clearly as possible. Your parents were murdered when you were very young by the same person that is coming after us now. After you parents died Ray adopted you and appointed Nati and John as your protectors, because Ray knew that they would eventually come after you. As far as your powers though I do'nt know how you got them."

"So how did you get involved in all of this?" I said with confusion in my voice.

"I'm your aunt and I took it on as my responsibility to protect you as much as possible." When Mrs.Yoko said this I became even more confused than before. Just then a rustling sound came through the bushes. A familiar figure appeared. It was June! Wait what was she doing out here?

John and Nati ran towards me in an attempt to protect me. "Someone killed them." June barly managed to say between sobs. I scrambled up and ran towards her. "Who was killed?" "My parents." she said as she looked up at me and I saw the hurt and pain in her eyes...She defiantly was'nt faking it.

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