“Niall! Put me down!” I screamed as he headed towards the pool with me on his shoulder. I had just finished my morning run and was now back at mine and Niall’s flat.

“You’re all sweaty and gross, you need to wash up,” he said, I could tell he was smiling while he said this. All I could see was his back as he was carrying me over his shoulder, ready to throw me in the pool.  

“Then bring me to the shower! If you put me in the pool, I will…” I said, nervously, thinking of something to make him put me down, “…throw out all of the food in your house!” I smiled, knowing that would stop him. He stopped for a second but then proceeded to walk towards the pool. 

“Well it's a good thing that I ate everything in the house already, so there’s nothing to throw out,” he said, triumphantly. And with that he threw me in the pool. I screamed as he threw me off of his shoulder and then I fell in the water. 

I had to think of something to get him back so when I came up from the water I pretended that I had choked on the water. I started coughing like crazy and putting my hand on my throat for extra effect. 

I slowly headed towards Niall, coughing even louder. I looked at him and he had a worried look on his face. 

He stuck his hand out towards me and frantically said, “I’m so sorry! Babe, are you okay?! Come here! Let me pull you out!”

I stuck my hand out and held onto his hand. I could feel him pull me up and I waited for the perfect time and then I yanked on his hand as hard as I could and pulled him in the water.

He screamed before he fell in the water and I started laughing. I was still laughing even when he came up from the water and shook the water out of his hair and wiped his face.

“Oh, you’re going to pay for that,” he said, as he started swimming towards me with a smile on his face. I swam away from him but he was too quick and he grabbed my waist and turned me around.

I stopped laughing and we stared at each other as he slowly started pushing me towards the edge of the pool. 

He pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around my waist, our bodies touching. He leaned his head towards mine and he kissed my lips lightly. He kissed me lightly several times until he started kissing me deeper and longer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him even closer. I felt him slide one of his hands under my tank top and slide up. I moaned lightly against his lips and felt him smile against my lips. I was about to put my hand under his shirt when I heard someone yelling.


Me and Niall quickly pushed away from each other and sets our eyes on the one and only Louis Tomlinson, sprinting towards the pool before jumping and doing a cannonball into the water. 

 What a way to ruin a moment.

“Louis, I told you not to bother them and wait,” I heard Eleanor say as she came out the back door towards us, with the rest of the boys, Danielle and Perrie following behind. 

“Well, Niall DID call us over so I thought I’d make my presence known,” Louis said with a smirk. “And who knows how long they would’ve been until they finished…doing their business.” 

I felt my cheeks burning and going red and avoided looking at anyone. Then I whispered to Niall, “You could’ve told me they were coming.”

“Sorry, I…got distracted” he said, grinning. I lightly slapped his arm and smiled at him. 

“Everyone get in the pool already!” Louis ordered. Everyone then got into their swimming trunks and bikinis, which they were wearing underneath their clothes and went in the pool.

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