It starts with a contest (A 1D love story)

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Its Starts With a Contest 

Hello, my name Gabriella Naomi Parker. My dream is to be a singer! Im so achieving my dream. Currently, im in Florida for a singing contest that is gonna be filmed and aired on television; it's called Show Me Talent. (A/N I just came  up with the name for the show......i dont know if it exist)

 I started out by posting videos of me singing in YouTube and I had tons of fans which I really was grateful for! I have toured before...but only the UK. Everything is so wounderful in England! But later when I came back home I received a letter asking if I wanted to compete in the show! Of course I said yes, so now here I am in Florida with  my bestfriend! She wanted to come and she had the plane ticket money so....she came!

I am 5'3....Im really short compared to some of the people here! It sucks! Im 17 years old turning 18 in a week! I have dark brown hair and greenish eyes. People describe me as bubby, happy,cheerful and very talktive; then others call me a nerd and that im very shy.

I'm staying with my bestfriend, Emily at a hotel across the street from the shows set. Im so excited for this competion....I am going to be singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. She is like my idol along with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato- if I ever met them I would faint!

Emily says that I sound just like Taylor Swift in this song but I doubt it. The competition already started for my first song I sung Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato. I really love that song! I got a yes from every judge. (There is only 3 judes!) This week we are supposedly gonna meet a band that has a lot of fans all over the world! They said that one of us would have to sing a song with them. Thats were I am headed right the studio. I wonder who will it be.........

Im not wearing a disguise because most people dont know who I am and Im okay with that......beause I met Megan Nicole (Another YouTube singer) and she told that privacy is very valuable and that I should enjoy right now when people don't recognize me. She's so nice....she has an old soul.....she's awesome when it  comes to advice and singing. 

Anyways im on way there alone because Emily was too shy to come with me.....even though I begged her too! When Im about to enter the room that im supposed to go to.....I hear voices and screaming. I reluctantly open the door to find five guys that can be none other than One Direction.

They all stare at me. Now I feel self-concious...because im wearing a blue loose top and a tribal skirt and flat sandals. (Outift right here: 

They just keep staring at me.........I cough and say "Im sorry is George here?". George is the stage manager that told me to meet him here so I could meet the band. George is like 35 years old...he's a pretty cool but i've learned to never cross him.

Now I'm scared that the band im supposed to meet are them. I know their band name because Emily never shuts up about them! But I always forget their names..I don't know why. Their still staring at me..........make it stop!

"Um, hello?" I said to them. They just shook their heads and said "He said he was going to be right back." said a boy with curly hair wile smiling. Im gonna call him dimples cause he has dimples.

I just nod and just when i'm to close another one with a justin bieber looking haircut says "You can wait here if you want?". Pointing to the couch in the room. I just shake my head, meaning no and say "Imma go look for him, thanks though". I close the door before they can object. I quickly go to his office to find him there looking for some papers on his desk or something.

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