Chapter 23 -The Finale

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A/N: Okay so yes. :) This is the last chapter of this story but don't be sad. It's a HAPPY ENDING! :D

I LOVE YOU ALL that's why here's a surprise near the end of these chappie :)


okay, so here it is! enjoy!


-Rissey's P.O.V.-

"My baby..." I heard a familiar voice.

"Where am I? Am I dead? It can't be. Toff, Mom and Dad needs me!"

"No, no Clarisse. You are still alive. You'll go back with them later." Wait. Her voice is really familiar. It was like Aunt Sophie's.

"Aunt Sophie? Is that you?"

"Yes my dear. I just want to talk to you."

"Why?" Then she came out. I ran towards her and hugged her.

"You're hit with a gun last night before Toff was able to propose to you."

"Oh that. I remembered. But, is he really going to propose? Seriously? Like a marriage proposal?"

"Yes. And as your real mother, my only last wish is that you accept his proposal and marry him. I want him to be your husband. You both went really far. You have been to serious problems but still, your love for one another never fades. I can see that you really love each other. So please. Don't waste so much time in analyzing stuffs baby. Just go for how you both feel." She said as she rubs my skin slightly. I felt happy and like my eyes were opened for the first time with what she said.

She was right. I'd be such an idiot if I let him go once again.

"But... Mom?" It was my first time to call her that..

"Y-y-you called me mom? Why baby?"

"But, I miss you and I want to be with you." I started crying.

"I miss you more than you do. But you still have to go back. Toff and the others are still waiting for you. Baby, you will be with me someday. But not just now."

"I love you Mama." I hugged her tight.

"I love you more. And if you really do, promise me you'll marry Toff and have nice kids and create a good family. Grow your child full of love and never let them be away from you. Okay?"

"Yes. I promise." Her image faded with my last words.

-Toff's P.O.V.-

It's been three weeks now since she got hit by accident. I am always here beside her bed hoping she'll wake up soon. I miss her smile, her voice and her beautiful eyes. There is no day that I didn't stayed beside her. I can't eat that well because she is the only thing in my mind. I just go to our house to change clothes and immediately go back here afterwards.

When will my Rissey ever wake up? I really miss her... So so much... I tucked her hair into her hair as I stared at her emotionless face. I saw her fingers start moving. I blinked and stared at it again to make sure with what I saw. It moved again. This time i'm sure it was. Her head started moving. Her forehead seems to motion for her eyes about to open. And at last. It opened slowly as a smile starts to form in my face.

"Rissey? You're awake! Thank goodness you do! I miss you babe." I hugged her tight but still with care of course.

"I-I-I" She's pointing to her throat. She can't talk so I gave her water. She immediately gulped the water.

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