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Nate’s POV

Hiii. ^_____^ Hey? Do you Guys know me? If not. Hii. I’m Nathan. But my friends call me Nate. J Nice to meet you Guys.

I’m a really nice guy. Yeah! I’m telling the truth. HAHAHA. I was born here at Singapore. I’ve never been to the Philippines. But I want to go there. Wanna know my reason?

Because, the girl I love lives there. <3  J Want to know who she is?

She’s right over their! Standing at the Shake stand. à à à Point! J Did you see her?

HAHA, bet you don’t.. I’m looking at her right now. I’m standing at the other side of the street. By the way.

Wait. I’ll walk go near her.












Then I hug her real tight. Then she started punching me. :”>> Aww. She looks cute as ever!

“Where have you been!? Me and Sam have been waiting for you for like 30 minutes”


“Yeah! Where have you been?”


“Standing, across at street.”

She looks really pissed. HAHAHA. How cute. J


“What, for how long?”


“For about 25 minutes ago!”


“Why didn’t you say so !!?”


“Well. I was staring at the beautiful view.”


Then I looked at her eyes.



Love can waitBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!