Chapter 17 (COMPLETED)

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   Chapter 17

Moons passed and Hazelfur's kits became appretices. Echopaw, Horsepaw, Hunterpaw, Cherrypaw, and Wolfpaw all became fantastic warrior apprentices. Hazelfur's pain about Frostail eventually faded, but the memories of them lodged in her mind.

   She turned around at the sound of kits squealing. Dawnkit and Rushingkit scrambled back into their den. A sound of pain groaned from the elders den. Hazelfur quickly picked up some marigold and poppy seeds and headed towards the elders. Inside Vole sat there cursing the kits under his breath. He looked up at her.

   "Dawnkit and Rushingkit put a thorn in my nest on purpose!" He showed her his pawpad. A large thorn was stuck in between the pad and the skin. Hazelfur gently took the thorn in her teeth and tugged. She spat the large thorn onto the ground and started putting the marigold on.

   "I will talk to their mother. Stay off of that for a while." she mewed. She walked to the nursery and Rushingkit nervously poked his head out.

   "Thornpelt." called the medicine cat. Hazelfur started being one after her kits were appreticed. Some of the cats didn't like it. Cloudclan attacked them because of it. Rabbitstar lost his final life in battle for her and now Crystalstar ruled Rippleclan. Hazelfur felt guilty about this.

   "Yes?" the new queen padded outside. She had moss stuck on her shoulder. "Can I help you?"

   "Your kits had put a thorn in Vole's nest." She peeked around Thornpelt and glared at the two kits. "And he isn't very happy about it." Thornpelt turned sharply around and gazed at her kits.

   "Did you really?" hissed their mother. "That is not how to treat any cat! Let alone an elder!" She boxed their ears slightly.

   "W- we thought you will find it funny." stammered Dawnkit. "Because your Thornpelt..." She trailed off as her mother glared at them.

   "It is not funny and you cause Hazelfur to waste her herbs on something rediculous!"

   "Sorry Hazelfur." whispered Rushingkit. "It was my idea."

   Pity spread though her. She bent down and Rushingkit flinched. "It's okay. But never do it again." He nodded and rushed off with his littermate. 

   "I'm sorry-" began Thornpelt.

   "It's not your fault." interruped Hazelfur. "But I'll make sure the kits check all the moss for thorns." Hazelfur purred and so did the dusty colored she-cat. 

   "Okay, Hazelfur. See you later!" she waved and padded back into her den. Hazelfur returned to hers and started sorting the herbs.

   A tabby tom entered the den. It was Thrushpaw. He and his brother, Leafpaw, were exactly alike except Leafpaw's paws were bigger. They were the same color, the eyes the same, and their height. Thrushpaw was more mature than his brother. Leafpaw was always getting into trouble- like attacking cats from another clan by himself.

   "Can I help you?" asked the brown medicine cat. 

   "My mentor told me to ask you if you wanted to go on patrol with us to look for herbs." Thrushpaw scuffled his paws. "Do you want to come?"

   Hazelfur glanced at the yarrow and mewed, "Okay. Right now?"

   He nodded. She got up and followed the young tom. A patrol of Treewish, Crystalstar, Thrushpaw, and her walked out of the fern entrance. Crystalstar kept an eye on her apprentice, Thrushpaw. Hazelfur wondered if cats thought he was like his brother. Sympathy washed over her for him. Cats were always keeping an eye on him, or telling him to be careful, or stay out of the way. But the brown tabby bounded along the trail, happy as can be.

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