Part nine,

‘Ruby!’ Madz called as she ran into the hotel lobby. ‘Now, where is he?’

‘Babe, you just got here, is that literally all you care about?’

‘Oh no, I didn’t just get here, I’ve been here two hours.’

‘Where have you been?’

‘Talking to a lifeguard.’


‘Booking a table for you and Harold and hot restaurant so you can finally tell him you love him and you want to be with him and you-

‘Get the point.’ I interrupted.


‘What’s with the lifeguard? And why the hell are you meddling for Madeline May Halliday?’

‘Oh he was hot, so I stopped to talk to him. Um, I’m not meddling, I’m Madeline. Sorry that sounded funny in my head. I just want you to be happy girl, and that will only happen if you flipping tell him you love him!’

‘Stop hassling me I’ll do what I want.’

‘Ok, now introduce me to this guy.’

‘Right, let’s go.’ I spoke, turning back out of the hotel. ‘Harry please take Madz’s bags up will you?’ I added as he appeared in sight.

‘Oh do I have to?’


‘Fine.’ He spoke, taking the bags as we left.

‘So what was his name again?’ Maddie asked.


‘Wha, Zayn?’

‘Yeah, I told you that on the phone last night Madz.’

‘Well um, yeah, the lifeguard was called Zayn.’ She laughed.

‘No shit?’

‘Heeey Ruby.’ Zayn spoke. ‘And girl I met before.’

‘Zayn, meet Madeline, Madz meet Zayn.’

‘You know her?’ Zayn asked.

‘I do.’

‘Isn’t this great. The four of us could go out!’

‘Ruby and Harry are a little busy tonight, but I’d love to go out. Pick me up at eight?’ Madz spoke.

‘Ugh.’ I groaned, she’s such a slut.

I turned and walked away, leaving them to drool all over each other.


The rest of the day was pretty much a blur, I never really spoke to anyone, opting to a solo shopping trip, since I’d been set up by Madz I needed something nice to wear tonight. I bought myself a sea blue maxi dress and some gold wedges, along with a gold bag to match. I stopped for a spot to eat and a cool drink, before making my way back to the hotel, Harry was out with some guy I’d never met before, being his typical self, so I opted to get a bit of chill time, reading my book pool side, before Madz interrupted my peace.

‘You do realise, it’s four, and your table is booked for seven.’

‘Doesn’t take me as long as you to get ready honey.’ I replied.

‘Shh.’ She spoke. ‘I need to borrow a dress.’



‘I invited you over here, because of a guy, I’m sure you packed your own dress.’ I replied.

‘Nope.’ She replied. ‘I didn’t think he was actually going to be hot. I thought you were saying it to get me over here to remove awkwardness because you’re a fool in love and won’t tell Harry how you feel!’

‘Maddie you talk loud.’ Zayn’s voice spoke. ‘Shut it.’


‘Can I speak to Ruby?’ He questioned.

‘Ugh, she’s all yours. I’m off shopping.’

‘She’s such a girl.’

‘She is a girl.’ Zayn replied.

Don’t get sarcastic!’ I replied. ‘You don’t know me enough to be sarcastic yet.’

‘Sorry.’ He chuckled.

‘So, what did you want to speak about?’


‘Shock.’ I sighed.

‘He really does love you Ruby.’

‘So everyone keeps telling me.’

‘Then what’s the problem?’ He questioned.

‘There’s a lot.’ I replied. ‘I’m leaving for college miles away from where he is, and we will never see each other, I need space, I’m not missing out on going to my dream college, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship.’

‘Ruby. Harry doesn’t see you as his friend anymore, why the hell do you think he brought you to Paris?’

‘For our last adventure.’ I spoke, repeating Harry’s words.

‘No Ruby, for your first.’ Zayn replied.

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