Harry POV

She likes me? nah maybe she is just tired and sleep talking? she just told me yesterday she wouldn't want to date me she never actually told me why though, she just said about her mother and boyfriend.

I pull up to her warm looking house and open the front door "Harry what is wrong with my daughter?' he says running up to her. At first I'm confused but it's probably since Karen aka Mrs.Washington died he's been very nervous about his daughter. "oh it's nothing she fell asleep in the car so I drove her home" he sighs in relief 'oh okay i don't now if she told you but um her mother died and.." his voice trails off "i know listen why don't you make some coffee and you and me can catch up ya know i will be like the son you never had!" he smiles at this "sounds good." I walk up the stairs to Keri's room i place her slowly on her bed pulling the blankets over her. "Harry?" she says as i was just about to walk out of her room "yes love?" i say "thanks for tonight and uh could you charge my phone?" i smile taking her pink iphone out of her hand and sliding it into my pocket "sure." i say i turn off her lights and close the door.

    My conversation with Mr.Washington goes on for three hours discussing my fame my career choices and some other things and we ever so briefly bring up Mrs.Washington. "goodbye Harry!" he calls as i walk to my house right next door.As i do i see Ally's mom rushing to her car 'everything okay/' i ask she shakes her head no and drives off "weird?" i say as i step into my familiar childhood house i walk up to my room and dive under the blankets going off to sleep.

"You don't know-oh-oh you don't know your beautiful-oh-oh that's what makes you beautiful" sings across my room. i sit up trying to find the source its coming from......my closet? i get up out of bed. My body instantly get's cold as i leave my warm cozy bed. i open up my closet door to see my jacket is the source. i reach into the pocket to find....Keri's phone whoops forgot to plug this in at her house. Why is Ally calling at 3:02am? i decide to pick it up. "Hello?' i ask i hear Ally's mother scream into the phone "come to the hospital with Keri!" she hangs up suddenly i remember.

is everything alright? i ask her eyes are welling with tears as she shakes her head no. I run to Keri's house banging on the front door. she answer's it "oh hi Harry" she says i pull her out of her house and to my car "it's Ally" is all i choke out when we pull up to the hospital :"what?" i could see tears form as she gazes around the all too familiar hospital "Konson K-o-n-s-o-n" i say the nurse nods 'room 124" we dash to her room walking in on a terrible scene.


We open the door in a rush not even thinking on what what we may see.

Her parents are crying while staring at heir little girl Ally who is in the hospital bed no moving well, actually the only movement is the light rise and fall of her chest. I turn to Harry his green eyes aren't sparkling his smile is gone and he no longer looks like the funny flirtatious guy i love,he looks scared worried and at a loss for words. Before i can even manage to cry he pulls me into a hug that's when i start to cry. My best friend is dieing the worse part room 124 was the room my mother was in. i bury my head deeper into Harry's shirt hoping i could just disappear become the nobody again. Just the fly on the wall the leave in the wind the whistle in the wind the nothing.

"She may not wake up she's in a coma."


Sorry for how short this is!!it seemed alot longer while typing it! so what do you guys think? so i have a new Wattpad buddy her name is @djfreshbeatss lol we were messaging the whole time i was writing it and we came up with a lot of good ideas! so if my Nintendo's wouldn't mind checking out her book "Amusment" i would be happy trust me the book is awesome!! alright that is all. :)

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