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"HARRY!" Rose looked at me with a bit of worry, and the smallest portions of love and compassion.


"What was that for?"

"For you."

"Well, I don't want it... so why don't you take it back?"

She said slowly before she pressed her soft lips against mine. "You know what, I want to keep it." she said slightly pulling away. "So, will you date a celebrity now?" I asked hopefully. "Just this one." I smiled very big and said: "Tonight, 8:30, Here, at the beach."

"I will be here." She said as I turned to walk out of the water and into the sand.

"Wait, Styles!"

"Yes, love?"

"I, I'm very, sorry. Would you please, please tell Zayn that I'm sorry? Please?"

"Of course, love"

And with that, she dove back into the water. And I happily wandered away.

Dang. Zayn. Is. Going. To. Kill. Me.

Reaching my vehicle, I jumped over the door, and into the seat. Kicking my feet up on the steering wheel, I gave myself time to think...

Her hair, her eyes, her lips, her voice, was all so perfect. She was perfect. Even despite the fact that she was wet, and her skin was as wrinkled as a prune. She made it seem so, effortless to be perfect. Wow. Talk about love at first sight. Rose. That's who she was. She wasn't an annoying screaming fan, (Not that our fans are annoying, I love them to bits) she wasn'tall "look at me, I'm hot, lets go out",she was Rose. And she wasn't afraid to show that. Impressive, right?

Sticking the key in the ignition, I lowered my feet to the ground of the car. I pressed my feet on the gas and headed toward the hotel.



I watch Harry as he glidesthroughthe door and effortlessly wears a smug smile on his face. I watch him as he plops down on the couch and notices I am in the room. His grin started to gradually fade.

"Hi" I greet him.


"How did it go? Was she at the beach?"

"Yeah she was there"


"And she said she was sorry, and that she believes you"

"Oh my god, Harry, you are the best! So does she want to see me again?" my heart is racing so fast, I am hoping that Harry says 'yes'

He paused. My heart sank. The answer is no. I just knowit is!

"I really don't know that part"

WHAT THE HECK! REALLY? is allI can think.

But instead I say, "Oh, okay. Guess we'll never know."

"Yeah, sorry bro. I know you really liked her." his eyes gleamed a menacing look.

I could tell he was up to something. But I let it slide, just that one time. I have a tight leash on Hazz, I know what he's capable of...



I watch the clock and count down in my head until 7:00. 3, 2, 1, NOW! I shove as many marshmellos as I can in my mouth and munch on each one 'til there's nothing left, while I time myself.

"Seven marshmellows, 22 seconds. My personal best."

I get ready to go again, but I get interupted by the door opening.

"Give me one." I heard Harry say as I toss a mashmellow toward his mouth, and watch him catch it.

"Nialler, I am in deserate need of your help." Harry looked concerned.

"Let me take a guess, Zayn asked you to get the girl that he is falling for to believe that it wasn't Zayn's fault that she hurt her back, and while doing so, you realized that she was smokin' and now you're falling, so you kissed her, and you got her falling now, and you're going out tonite, but you don't know what to do about Zayn. And you have nothing snazzy to wear."

"Wha- How did you know?"

"'Cause I'm Niall Horan." he said in his really cool announcer voice.

"Really, though. How did you find out?"

"Zayn could tell the minute you walked in, that you did something to wrap her around you. So he talked to Lou, they figured that you kissed her and that other stuff 'cause your eyes always have that gleam in them when you get a girl."

"Whatever... wait, so, Zayn knows?"


"Is he mad?"

"That is just about the stupidest question you could ask."

"I knew it"

Our coversation was then interupted by a subtle Bradford accent.

"Harry, can I talk to you?"


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