***Alex's P.O.V***

When the bus stopped, I was the first to jump out of the bus and started jumping around on the pavement. Paul looked at me like I was crazy. What can I say? I had chocolate this morning. "Is she always-," he said, trailing off.

"Yup," Liam interrupted him.

"Also beware of Izzy when she has chocolate," Harry warned, kissing her forehead and draping an arm around her shoulder. Karen and I started skipping toward the park entrance while Amanda yelled out behind us to not trip and kiss ourselves. We reached th bag check and waited patiently for the others to arrive.

"They're like female versions of Louis," Paul muttered, causing me and Karen to erupt in a fit of giggles. Amanda and Liam both handed over their backpacks to the security guard lady at the bag check. I walked up to her and waed enthusiastically.

"Hi!! I'm Alex! I love Disney! Do you love Disney?"

The lady gave me a tired smile. "I love Disney. You remind me of my daughter. She just left for college," the lady said sadly.

"I'm sorry," I told her. "Wanna hug?" Without waiting for an answer, I wrapped my arms around the woman. She laughed and hugged me back before sending me off with my friends to the ticket booth. We gave the man our tickets and entered the park.

As soon as we entered, I stopped in my tracks, staring up at a giant Christmas tree. "Picture time!!" I yelled out, grabbing Amanda and dragging her over to the tree. She sighed and laughed, taking out her camera, snapping a picture of me in front of the tree. "Group photo!!!" I called out, waving everyone over.

"Would you like to get one all together?" a middle-aged woman asked Amanda, stopping next to her and pointing to the rest of us, who were now crowded around the base of the tree.

"Do you mind?"

"Not at all," the woman said, taking the camera from Amanda and waiting for her to take her place with the rest of us. The woman adjusted the camera and snapped a picture.

"Can you take another one?" I asked the woman. She nodded and Amanda, Lauren, Izzy, and Karen all seemed to know why I wanted another picture. I scrambled over to Paul and leaped on his back while Karen wound herself around Liam's legs and Izzy and Lauren squished Niall in a hug. Amanda just made a silly face, hugging Perrie and Danielle. Eleanor laughed and joined me in attacking Paul while Louis leaped in Harry's arms and smiled widely at the camera.

The woman took the picture and laughed, handing Amanda back the camera. We thanked her and continued to walk further into the park, down Main Street. We arrived at the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. I quickly grabbed the camera from Amanda and her and Karen ran over to the statue. The grabbed hands, Karen placing her free hand on her hip like Mickey and Amanda pointing into the distance like Walt. Niall and Louis found this hilarious and started laughing breathlessly. Thank God they were wearing hoodies and hats and sunglasses, otherwise they would've been recognized in a heartbeat.

"So what should we do first?" Karen asked.

"Splash Mountain!"

"Space Mountain!"

"Thunder Railroad!"

"Pirates of the Caribbean!"

"Ariel's Grotto!"

"Small World!"


"Buzz Light-year!"

"The cafe!"

Everyone stopped shouting out their favorite attractions and staed at Niall. "Niall, we just ate, like, a half an hour ago," Zayn said.

"So! I'm a growing boy!"

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