The Short Story Of Jaquie Greenwood

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I decided to write a short story just for kicks and giggles enjoy beautiful people.C:

Look at her!

So gross!

I'd HATE to be her!

Such a shame. She use to be soooo pretty!

I ignored everyone as I walked through the mall. It was the middle of July and I was hoping that no one would recgonize me after my two month absence from school. But they did. And I was regretting coming here.

I went to the food court and paitently waited.

"Jaquie?" Someone asked. I looked to the person and wanted to be eaten whole. By anyone, or anything.

"Oh, hey Cory." I said looking away.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Nothing." I said hoping he'd leave.

"Jaquie, you weren't at school for two months and now just poof! Here you are with that...."

"Cory! Nothing happened." I said about ready to walk away.

"Just tell me what happened to your face!" He said angerly.

"What's wrong with her face?" Another voice asked from behind me.

Cory stood up and looked at the person. "Look, this conversaton isn't any of your business." Cory said starting to get real pissed off. He tends to get that way when nothing goes his way.

"Cory, just leave. Don't you have some people that you're meeting here?" I asked putting my head in my hands.

"Yah, I am. Remember your friends? They're all coming." He said trying to seem taller than he really is.

"Just go meet them, then." I said my head still in my hands.

"Come with me. We all missed you." He said trying to pull the puppy dog eyes he thought I couldn't resist.

"No. I'm here with someone else." I said lifting my head up slightly.

"Ditch them." He said like it was that simple.

"I don't that's such a great idea." The voice said from behind me.

Cory glared at him and I just looked at the table. "Who are you to talk? Didn't I say that this isn't any of your business?" He spat at the guy.

"Didn't she say to go?"

"Cory! Jordan! Just knock it off!" I said angerly. They were really pissing me off.

"C'mon Jaquie." Cory said grabbing my wrist and pulling me with me him. I stummbled and tried to get away from him.

"Piss off." Jordan spat while grabbing my wrist from Cory. They both started arguing again so I walked away and texted Jordan telling him I'd just meet him at my house.

Half an hour later Jordan walked into my room with a plastic bag from Edge. "Hey." He said sitting next to me on my bed.

"Hey." I said quietly.

"I got you something." He said handing me the bag but not looking at me. I smiled a little bit.

"Thanks." I said.

:"You didn't even open the bag." He said teasingly.

"Oh, sorry." I said in a mocking voice. I looked in the bag and saw it was the shirt I wanted.

"Thanks Jordan." I said wrapping one arm around his shoulder to give him a hug.

"Oh. I see how it is. Almost two years of not seeing me and I get this weak hug? Fine then." He said smirking. I rolled my eyes and gave him a real hug. "Thats more like it." He said into my hair.

After a minute I pulled away and smiled. A real smile. One that hasn't come out for a while now. "My mom will be home in about half an hour. What do you want to do 'til then?" I asked.

"You still have your PS2?" He asked like an excited little boy on Christmas morning. I nodded my head yes. "Well, it looks like we'll have to play some racing games, eh?" I laughed and went to set up the play station.

We played the racing games for while before my mom got home fortey-five minutes late.

"Jordan!" She said happily hugging the boy to death. "Ohh! I've missed you so much! You picked a good day to come over. I'm making hamburger pie!" She said letting him go to go and make the delicious meal.

"My favorite!" He said laughing at my moms energy. "She hasn't changed much." He said beore looking down on me. "You have though." He said quietly.

"What do you mean?" I asked hopping he wouldn't ask about the scar.

"I mean, your appearance is spot on besides the fact you've matured, but theres something about you that has changed. You don't smile as much. You're not so energetic. You've barley laughed. You don't have that happy look in your eyes anymore. What happened?" He asked stepping closer. I looked anywhere but him. Suddenly my dads chicken clock was my new fasination even though I've looked at it thousands of times before. "Jaquie. Talk to me. I know you could draw that clock with your right hand if you wanted to," (Jaquie is left handed.) He paused before lifting his hand up to trace my scar. That just barley healed... "Jaquie..." He said so I could barley hear him.

I shoved his hand away and looked at the ground. I yelled at him through angry tears. "Knock it off Jordan! I don't want to talk about it!" With that I ran into my room and slammed the door shut. I sat against it and cried. I even ignored my mothers cries for dinner.

Not long later Jordan came knocking on my door. "Jaquie. I know you're in there." He said. "Jaquie c'mon. I won't ask about it. Pinky promise." He sighed angerly. "I'll delete all your episodes of NCIS if you don't come out and just hang out with me." And it went on like that for... I don't know for how long. At one point he just knocked on the door in a monotone fashion.

What was probably a few hours later I opened my door to find him laying in the hall way sleeping. I sighed and ignored my urge to pee and dragged him into my bed.

Which was harder than it sounds.

After I released my bladder and got pj's on I grabbed a sleeping bag and layed it out in front of my bed. After a while I couldn't sleep. Bad memories invading my brain.

The bad memories taking it over and turning what ever light in there black. Each brain cell becoming more and more dark. The depressiong, self pity, and fear was all comging back. Full force. And not even the Hulk could stop it.

So I did what I do best.

I took out my sketch pad and started drawing.

I didn't know what I was drawing, or who. But I was. The darkness inside my brain was now being turned into the pencil graphite and the white left was the little amount of sanity I felt I had left.

I don't know how much longer later, I looked at my drawing to see how it turned out.

It was probably the most beautiful picture I have ever drawn.

It was of a man holding a girl smaller than he was. His face was 3/4 veiw and the girls face was in his chest holding onto his shirt. The man was crying angry tears and I realized that man was Jordan. He would be extremley pissed if I told him what happened.

He would change to. No matter how strong he was, no matter how much he smiled, laughed, cried, or got angry, if I told him he would change forever.

I took a glance at Jordan to see that he was smiling in his sleep.

I coudn't tell him.

I shed a single tear before falling asleep with my lamp still shinning bright.

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